10 Benefits of Being Single

10 Benefits of Being Single!

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Observing all those types of weird relationship problems around and looking at all those lovey-dovey couples around me makes me think about all the benefits a single has in comparison with a person in relationship. Yes, to a certain level I think that relationships, love, bonding, attachment, trust and loyalty are just fake things and to a certain extent they suck. So I would suggest be single and enjoy and have all the fun in life until you get married because that brings a full stop to bachelors life because  this phase would never come back again. I have noticed people around me screwed up and pissed off from their relationships and the only solution they have is to either break up or go on a long vacation without phones to have a peace of mind. So I will be stating 10 benefits of “Being Single”. Two kind of person can write this article :

One who is pretty much single enjoying and having all the fun and living life to the fullest.
The one who is so pissed off with his/her relationship and wishes for all the fun and frolic in life.

So obviously I am the first kind pretty much single and enjoy all the benefits. Here are the 10 Benefits.

1. No Obligations

I am not under anyone’s obligations. I can take decisions according to my wish and will. I don’t have to worry about anyone’s feelings and nor do I have to take decisions keeping someone in mind. Being single you can do anything and anytime. You do things according to your leisure and you enjoy every minute. You don’t have to blame each other for the wrong decision and nor do you have to make anyone realize that you did a particular thing for them giving way to a fight or argument. So you are not under anyone’s obligation.

2. No Compromise

You don’t have to compromise again and again which makes you feel suppressed and makes you frustrating. You can do what you wish to and what you like to do. Being single means its what you want, what you wish, what you like and what you love. The world will just revolve around you and no one else and in the end of the day maybe that can give you happiness and you would at some level enjoy your life and not blame anyone else. You don’t have to tolerate things.

3. Friends and Priorities

How can we forget our friends once we get into a relationship and thinking that they are a weight on us and sometimes even forget them and loose a contact with them. So being single gives you full time with your friends and you enjoy every bit and taking all the decisions together and doing all the weird things together and enjoying every bit of it. We can set priorities and we can plan things. A relationship makes us blind for some time and our world will only revolve around our partner. We forget all the major topics of our life and forget everything so being single makes us work on our priorities and makes us work for our goals and be focused on it.

4. Vacations, Outings and Sleepovers

The best part of being single is whenever you feel like going on vacation with your friends without thinking you can go for it. You don’t have to inform anyone except your parents that you going for an outing or a vacation or sleepovers. All the vacations, sleepovers and outings comes to an end once you get into a relationship because all you have to worry is spend a lot of time with your partner. The social life comes to an end. Spending time with your partner becomes your ultimate goal once you get in relationship and going out with your friends without your partner will give way to thousand questions and a big long argument. So be single and enjoy vacations and sleepovers with your friends.

5. Flirting

Most of them in fact I guess everyone would agree with me on this point. Being single gives the freedom to flirt. There is no end to flirting and you can go on and flirt with anyone you find attractive and have all the fun in life. No one is there to stop you and question you. But being in relationship means no flirting at all, focus on just them otherwise you are dead. :p

6. Dating

Well dating is an amazing feeling a person tend to have. The butterflies and meeting the person for the first time, spending the whole evening deciding what to wear and take almost 2 hours to get ready and keep getting nervous and thinking what to talk and discussing and criticizing the person with your friends once you are done with the date and having a hell lot of fun. Keep on repeatedly going on date and enjoying and having fun. You have your own time and you can learn things from your mistake by often trial and error. Being single gives you all the advantage.

7. Knowing yourself better

We can start knowing ourselves better and we have long extended time being alone and enjoying it at some point of time. You can go on exploring world and do everything that you wish for and can go on long walks alone and know yourself better. You have freedom to do all the things that you wish for and have fun to all to yourself.

8. Parties

The parties are the only fun thing when you are single. You can drunk and enjoy parties without anyone’s obligations. Being single makes us love [arties and attend every single parties without anyone’s permission. Sometimes doing what you want will always make you happy.

9. Focus on your career

Being single makes you focused for your career and goals. You can set goals and work hard to achieve them. From the step till the last you have to manage everything. From managing your money to making your own living it’s all difficult and you have to manage all which will make you responsible and will make you independent.

10. No remembering of dates

The best part you don’t have to remember various dates and all. You don’t have to memorize dates and remember the calendar and months precisely. You don’t have to remember anniversary date, the first meeting date, your partner’s relative’s birthdates, your partner’s birthday and many more. Biggest advantage of being single!

Enjoy being single. 😀

[Edited by Neha Gupta]

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