College life and Changing Aspirations towards Music

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Well, having looked at the mere title of this post itself many of you might have started to think that this is one of those articles from a music maniac who writes about the various tastes or genres of music and how do they affect one’s life. Whoa! No. it’s a bit different from that.

Having completed my sophomore year in engineering I’ve noticed quite a few changes about the approach of music in my fellow mates and in the mainstream public as well. Yes! I think that it has become a mentality (sort of) that as soon as you step inside the college (engineering particularly) you ought to learn to play a guitar. Readers can just posturize a guy in some cool t-shirt and denims with a trendy black back pack of guitar going for his classes. Also I’ve seen people carrying them to the college (sometimes!) for no purpose at all.

Yes it’s damn true that college life is the beginning period to start something new, that we’ve never done before or to explore our interests and what not! But here I’m talking about those chaps who’ve never had any interest in music ever before in their life or never been able to differentiate between simple pitch difference between ‘sa’ and ‘re’ (two of the seven basic notes of Indian classical) and all out of nowhere they suddenly begin to like guitar! Ok let’s say that 50% of those are trying hard to awaken the music deep from their hearts. (!!) This clearly leaves us with the fact that the rest are just trying to prove themselves ‘cool’ or just being in a particular ‘class’ of people just so that they can boast “Ha bhai, ab to hum bhi Guitar baja lete hai!” (Don’t you think that guitar kind of ‘attracts’ girls? lol).

The thing for Hollywood/pop songs is no different. Generally most of us weren’t too familiar with the international artists during our school days. (As for me, I knew only Justin Bieber and Shakira). So it’s but obvious that people would develop curiosity about what’s happening in the international music industry. But then begins (a funny) rush. If my friend has heard all the songs of Green Day then I must hear Green Day and One direction as well (Yeah! Now I am one band ahead of him). This sounds ridiculous and childish but as per me it’s what I have seen. Trust me guys we get a felling within us that we DO know the international artists as well and others don’t. Even at some stage, I had gone through this!

Needless to say that English songs are awesome and distributed over wide genres viz. hip-hop, rap, soul, pop, indie, metal, drum and bass, dance, house, EDM…etc…no doubt that there are highly talented composers in our industry but Bollywood music is a cross-over of these genres. It is a genre in itself. I mean you can rarely find any of the above stated types individually in Bollywood songs. So for real music freaks, English songs provide a ton variety of any of their favorite type. I

But I’ve seen such people who literally mock at Indian music (classical mainly). They feel inferior listening to Bollywood songs whilst sitting among their friend circle and they switch to English and also try to imitate those lyrics proving themselves cool. They even try hard to practice those lyrics even while burbling their mouth as they brush their teeth ( – _- ). I recall a friend of mine who told me that he liked trance music. Then I asked him if he had a collection of Armin van Burren (yes people can Google for it. Wherever there is trance there’s him!) And his eyes were wide open wondering who the hell he was! Later I even found out that he didn’t even know the literal meaning of ‘trance’.

I’m in no way, trying to contempt these kinds of people, neither am I an expert adviser but the summary is that there are many other ways to be ‘cool’; Far better than faking the knowledge of guitar or music. Nonetheless even I too am pretty interested in all these ENGLISH music and even I try to memorize my favorite song’s lyrics. But music has some purpose in my life at least. Definitely music holds a different priority in different minds and the vista of music might not be the same for all people. Yes exploring music is a pretty good thing or even a hobby but trying to show off via that is just lame. Ah! I don’t know how to end this awfully long rant (and my apologies for such a pathetic ending) but all I can say is respect music and there are a lot more beautiful ways to be ‘cool’. 🙂

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Parth Dattani

Parth Dattani is pursuing Engineering at Charotar University of Science and Technology, Changa. He plays table tennis in free time and music is like his drug; can't even think a day without it. Friends call him a tech geek due to his weird interests in gadgets. "I like to be just true to myself; hate people who lie." says our guest author Parth.


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