Does Mr or Miss Perfect Exist?

We all have grown up hearing that there is always someone meant for us and just for us but how truthful is it? Well, I thought it’s just a story of people who goes to “love marriage- thing”, because in arranged marriage you hardly get a chance to know the person well, although now-a day it is a different story, but what about our parents or aunts or anyone who still goes for an arrange marriage, without even knowing the person?

Yesterday, when I went to garden for my routine walk and to spend some ‘ME’ time, I observed couples out there for the first time. Not only young ones, but also the aged ones. But one couple took me by surprise by their appearance. The lady was deaf and I got to know as she was wearing a hearing machine and the guy seemed perfect to me at one glance, so out of my curiosity, I went and asked them if I can sit with them and lady nodded with a smiles.

When I asked her about the guy, who was sitting next to her, she said he is her husband and they were married for three long years now. When she was pouring out her heart, I asked if her Husband is physically challenged or not and she said NO! And when I asked If it is a love marriage, she said NO, again. Later on, her husband briefed me that, one day in an accident, she lost her hearing power before they got married. And when I asked him by raising my brows in utter shock that, then why you got married to her even after knowing her inability? You’re perfect and she is not didn’t you think you deserve someone better than her? His answer was extremely surprising for me.

She is perfect for me. I don’t count her deafness as her inability. We all go through some kind of pain if we count those things as our inability how would we survive? I, too, have many things which I am not good at and if she is with me knowing all, then why can’t I? And what if this would happen to her after our marriage, I  won’t get a choice of letting her go off, just because she would be my responsibility? However, I hammered a thought in my mind that She is my responsibility, Since the day I saw her. He said with broad smile on his face.

We live in so much fabricated life, that even the smallest scar goes with ending up long lasting relationships. We always wanted our beau to be the best and the prettiest one, but no matter what, for them or for you they would be the best dream come true ever! Cherish them! Love them!

As it says, In the world of imperfections there is always someone who is perfect for you!

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Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.

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