Few things to be taken care of in a Long Distance Relationship

This is, I more importantly, writing for all the girls out there, you boys can also consider the tips, but girls are more likely in my mind, and the only reason is girls are more found themselves dipped into a relationship than to the boys (However it should not be the thing). Before a girl out there finds a gun and set a goal to my head point and shoot at me for the overly redundant flub I am putting on them (in spite of being a girl) not all girls are same and it’s just an in general observation.

But If your beau, your dear is not so near then you must follow few things and keep in mind to keep your relationship alive throughout years and years. So, First clap for yourself because to be in a long distance relationship takes immense courage, patience, self-control and fortitude! Bravo, you are frantic indeed!

Don’t stalk

I know you are dying to talk to him/her because it’s been 28 minutes you have talked but have some patience. Do not keep on checking their “last seen” and do not check their Facebook profile either! It gives you, nothing, trust me! Better just do some productive work. Get a novel, write a blog, make some noodles or design your wedding outfit (Possibly the most exciting thing ever! 😉 )

Give some space

Now do not get mad at him/her, if you just saw a few of your pictures on Facebook tagged by someone else and with someone. It is completely all right. Give some space to interact with other people too. Let them to be a little friendly with friends. Nothing wrong with it.

Communicate well

Communication is the soul of any relationship but when it comes to long distance ones, it is the most oxygenated thing. You cannot get to see your tootsie everyday so be communicative. Share every darn thing. Every foolish, comedy, sensitive, needless. Sometimes what you think is not important becomes the life in the life so share almost everything.

Remember, they have a life, too!

Since, you cannot enjoy your time without them don’t expect same from them. Let him/her party hard. Let him/her grab a drink. Let him/her sleep some more on weekends. Let him/her enjoy the way he/she wants. They have a life and they have a right to enjoy it fully! Sometimes, we become too much possessive that we tend to forget that we own them not their wholesome life!

P.S : I can be extremely possessive and just end up with bugging up the mind of my baby if I have to face such situations.

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Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.

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