Frendos Entertainment brings India’s First Online Dance Festival!

Mumbai: City based entertainment company Frendos Entertainmaint has organized India’s first online dance festival, Motion Beats. The concept is created for all dance lovers; Mumbai Beats is a platform to showcase dancing skills.

Motion BeatsMotion Beats is going to be the country’s first dance festival, part of which will be online with the viewers as judges. It also includes a Choreographers Conference where dance choreographers will come together to discuss dance and spread knowledge and experiences in the field of dance. The Dance Exhibition is another part of Motion Beats where several dance companies will exhibit themselves to the public under one roof. Not just this, the festival will include performances by well known dance troupes and crews and also conduct workshops in the various dance styles across the city.


The theme of the festival is “Discover”. Discover is an unique theme  and a challenging theme for the festival. The  theme will help to discover  new forms of dance and different discovery in the current dance styles by the participants. This theme will help the participants to know their potential in dance and will upgrade themselves in it. The theme will be beneficial to the viewers because they will see a new dance level in the festival.

Virtual Dance Festival

Virtual Dance Festival will be India’s first dance festival, where the contest between the dancers will take place online. It will be the first time when the viewers  will vote the right performance in each category , which will  perform in Motion Beats finale.

  • Uploading of videos Starts on 15th July 2014
  • Uploading of video stops on 14th September 2014
  • Voting Starts and Ends on 15th September 2014 to 15th November 2014
  • Motion Beats Finale 23rd November 2014 (Venue and Ticket sales to be announced)


The extravaganza of dance events will be of non-stop entertainment. The best brains will battle on the arena of fun. Come and be a part of this exuberant virtual dance festival . There are in all 6 events in the festival, they are

  1. Aaja Nachle
  2. Back to the Hood
  3. Two toTango
  4. Show us What you Got
  5. Sway Away to the Rhythm
  6. Salaam India

Choreographer’s Conference

The Choreographer’s Conference is an event which has never been done before. It is a panel discussion where we have a panel of talented and well renowned Indian dance choreographers to head the conference and discuss various aspects about dance in our country. The conference will be attended by other dance choreographers and passionate dancers.

Dance Workshop

Dance workshop will be a fun activity for the public, so they can learn the dance routines, which will conducted by the professional dance academies. It will give a chance to the dance academies to showcase their dance style and make the public learn it. It will be held in particular dance studios all over the city. It will be a fun experience for the public and for the academies.

Dance Exhibition

Dance Exhibition will be a platform for the upcoming dance academies to showcase their brand and their dance style to the public. It will be a stage where all the academies will setup their stalls and the public will get all the information about dance styles and dance academies, it will give public a chance to choose their convenient dance academy to learn their dance styles

Motion Beats Finale

Motion Beats Finale is the last event under Motion beats.  The top contenders of the virtual dance festival will battle it out for the title. This will be accompanied by performances of renowned dance institute. There is also going to be a massive for the audience. There will also be dance interactive sessions  with  audience and free goodies to be distributed. Come and witness the extravaganza of dance and “Discover the Dance in You”.

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Frendos Entertainment brings India’s First Online Dance Festival!

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