Let us celebrate thanksgiving today!

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Have you ever said thanks? To your mum for the yummiest dinner she ever cooked, even when you were late home and she cooked just for you, waking up in the middle of her sleep. To your dad for that extra money for popcorn, when you’re going out for a movie with friends? To your younger sister from saving you from your dad’s scolding? To a friend for helping in copying all his answers in the exam? To a chat-friend who has motivated you in an obscure manner? To someone who just made your day when you were feeling blue?

The ultimate motive of our life lies in only in archiving.And while racing towards the final line, we often forget the ones who helped and support us to reach to the race.We always ask everything but never think to thank them after getting it. We always pray to God for everything and while praying we forget that we are actually bagging. And the list of our desires never ends.We want a Car. Then a little more luxurious car. Then a Black colored car and then another car and it will never end. Somehow, in running fast in the race we tend to forget to thank god for once, at least! Because we are selfish. We are greedy .We are humans!

We think we will do something for them later. But that later never comes. Today is the day. Go thank them. Cook something for your mom, get a gift for your dad, buy a chocolate for your younger sister and tell your friend that he/ she is special. They don’t expect great things from you, just be with them, that’s the perfect thanksgiving ever and feel the joy in their smiles.

It’s not happy people who are thankful,it’s thankful people who are happy!

Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.