Let’s remember Indian National Pledge this Independence Day!

Do you remember that pledge we used to take everyday in school? Today on 68th Independence Day, let’s relive the national pledge in 6 languages. Ahmedabad based film maker Rihaan Patel has compiled Indian National Pledge in six Indian languages in this video. In the film, People speak Indian National Pledge in their language – Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Sanskrit, Kannad and at the end of the video, everyone says Jay Hind (Which is same in every language – Unity is Diversity).

“The pledge we used to speak in school time was very effective for character building. As a filmmaker, when I see there are problem like corruption, women safety, crime.. I see the solution lies in this pledge. We need live this pledge.” said Rihaan.

Watch Indian National Pledge in 6 languages