A Million Bucks Ship – Friendship

A ship always does the work of taking you from one destination to other fighting through all the waves and turbulence and giving you the most comfort zone making your journey more desirable. The word friendship is made of two words “friend” and “ship”. A friend is someone who takes you from one world to a different horizon. There is no such perfect definition of friendship though. But a chat over a coffee, a ride on a rainy day, sharing the feelings of your first crush, a shoulder to cry, a reason to smile, a love to share and an unforgettable fight over small issues; these are the things which we gush about when we think about friendship. This word brings a million watts smile on our face and takes us back to a beautiful memory lane. Friendship relation is definitely more massive than we think. I see a friend in my mom when she is handling me during my crisis, I see a friend in a my bro when is trying to console me when I say him about my huge big problem, I see a friend in my dad when is trying to take care of me and making sure that his little devil princess is never sad, I see a friend in my teacher when she is trying to make me comfortable and imparting philosophy about life when I am stuck, I can even see a friend in god when he is answering my desperate prayers. So there is always a friend that we find in every situation. I sometimes wonder what my life would be if I don’t have a friend. Usually friendship has so many dimensions.

When it comes to me, I am usually someone who likes to make few friends. I never like those hush and gush friendships. For me, it should be something like a rock steady. I still remember the day when I made my very first friend. She was pretty, smart and famous. I don’t know why I was friends with her but I loved her company a lot, though I was never a big deal for her. She had many butterflies flying around her. I was treated more like an assistant than a friend. I carried her bags, I filled her bottle during the breaks, I did her homework and was compelled to clap whenever she sang or dance. Being so young and tender, I never knew what I was doing. For me being a puppet in some other’s hands was okay. She meant to be my world then. She teased me, insulted me, and demeaned me but still my love for her never ceased. I thought I have to love her forever as she is my friend. But I was so wrong I guess.

As days passed, I grew older. I was getting mature and with passage of each day I realized that she was not the right person to be friend with but she was enough powerful that she started causing me harm just because I refused to be a part of her group. She made all filthy plans against me and tried to disrespect me in front of all. I was shattered and completely broken. I didn’t know how to react. I still remember that there were days when I used to sit all alone under the Neem tree and had snacks during the breaks. Everyone disowned me and made me feel the loneliest person in the world. My faith was slowly disappearing from the world of friendship. It was then that a beautiful angel whom god had sent from heaven had come to rescue me. She was none other than my MOM. She very well knew through what crisis I was going through. She has been my strength then. She stood like a wall against all the odds that passed through my life. She gave me the very reason to walk again. When I was tired in the race of this world, she gave the boost that was very well required. I came out of the “GREAT DEPRESSION” of my life just because of her. That was the time when I found my first best friend in her. Yes definitely she acted like a friend then. A beautiful and a reliable friend.

As time passed, I again started making friends. But this time I was more apprehensive. I disallowed anyone to cross a certain boundary that was made by me. I couldn’t find my trust in friendship. I lost the hope of ever finding a good friend again. The school days were now over. I maintained few friends. My golden rule was “DONT TRUST ANYONE TO THE CORE”. I followed it. I found an insane friend in college. She was completely out of this world. Bubbly, frank, vivacious and cute too; slowly and gradually we became good friends. I kept saying myself that I won’t grow closer to her. But her loving and caring nature had conquered my closed minds. She made me feel a better and important person. Those old bad memories that I had regarding friendship slowly began to vanish. I was regaining my lost faith slowly but was not still over it completely. But she made a realization in my life. The best lesson that she taught in me friendship was to move towards better things. She lived and loved her life to the fullest. I always felt like an open bird whenever I was with her. She made me happy and made me realize that I need to give life a second chance. I then found a true friend in her.

Our bachelors got over and we were on the opposite sides of the same road. You know life can take any random turn when things are going very well. I moved to an overall new city and new place. It was definitely a pleasant journey. Things weren’t taking place as planned. If I would have said it to mom and dad they would have got me back. It was then that I started taking my brother’s advice for certain things. We shared a hate and love relationship right from childhood. He couldn’t see all the attention that I grabbed because I was younger and I couldn’t see mom showering on him all her love and pampering. I hated him for nothing and he loved me for everything. When I needed an upper hand and solace in distress he was there for me. He supported me in all my decisions and made me more firm in my life. He was my third best pillar of my life. He stands tall and strong for me till date. Whenever any problem arises the first person I run to is my brother. I know that my deepest secrets are safe with him.

I consider myself lucky because god has blessed my life with such wonderful people. I couldn’t thank him more. He is the best of all the friends that I found on this earth. I keep complaining to him from the smallest pimple to the huge exam results that I procure. There is nothing I hide from him. He even understands my unspoken words and at times gets me in situation which is extremely difficult to deal with. But he has treasured me immensely. I couldn’t ask for more than this. Knowingly or unknowingly even god becomes our friend. We need him so much that it becomes difficult to approach someone else before him.

Friendship doesn’t happen by chance it happens for a reason. The stronger you build this ship; the better is your life. It is definitely more worth than a million bucks. So treasure it the most. Every relation that we have today needs to have a little flavour of friendship as it makes our life more cherishable.

Asha Kumar
Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.