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Gujarati movie! First image that comes to your mind after reading first two words is probably of a scene where a village girl wearing Chaniya Choli is playing Garba with a moustache man wearing Kediyu! Am I correct? Well, the trends in Gujarati cinema are changing. Thanks to Abhishek Jain; who gave first urban Gujarati film Kevi Rite Jaish in year 2012 to Gujarati film industry. After Kevi Rite Jaish, Gujarati cinema saw many urban Gujarati films. Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd, Whisky is Risky, The Good Road and Saptapadi were few of them. This year, Abhishek Jain is back with his second urban Gujarati film Bey Yaar. The much awaited and much talked movie Bey Yaar hit the screens today. And I didn’t miss the chance to see Bey Yaar in first day first show. The film is directed in such a way that after few minutes; I even forgot that I was watching a Gujarati film. Bey Yaar can’t be compared with Gujarati films; I would say Bey Yaar is even better than many Hindi movies. I went with a friend who don’t even like to watch Hindi movies much; after convincing him (a lot) he came to watch this Gujju movie and he praised the movie at the end. And so will you.

Direction of the movie is simply outstanding! Abhishek Jain has put a lot of efforts in making this movie. Cinematography is beautiful. Performances by every single actor in the movie is marvellous! Pratik Gandhi and Divyang Thakkar have played lead roles brilliantly. Tino and Chako’s (Pratik Gandhi and Divyang Thakkar) bond in the movie is so strong that they will surely be known as Jay-Veeru of Gujarati cinema. Darshan Jariwala as a middle class man and father of Divyang is portrayed brilliantly. Antagonist who make audience hate him with his acting is a true actor; and Manoj Joshi has proven this line with his powerfully played role of Mr Gandhi aka Villain of the movie. Kavin Dave, Amit Mistry and Samvedna Suwalka have also played their parts so beautifully. Kavin Dave is a true entertainer; I must say. He made audience laugh with his expressions. And the most dazzling part of the film is its music! Taking from background score to songs of the film, music of Bey Yaar composed by Sachin- Jigar is simply superb. Story of Bey Yaar which revolves around a painting is fresh and impressive. Script of the movie is so good that holds the audience from its very first second to the last one. Dialogues are witty, original, refreshing and amusing. Lyrics of songs, Sapna Nava, Tara Vina and Rakhad Rakhad are awesome. Movie is a bit lengthy; but you won’t get bored a single second during movie.

What’s Good?

Direction, dialogues, performances and music.

What’s Bad?

Oops! Couldn’t find anything.


Bey Yaar is the best Gujarati film I have watched so far. Taking from it’s brilliant direction to excellent performances, unique and impressive storyline to witty dialogues, beautiful cinematography to dazzling music, everything is perfect! Bey Yaar is a mixture of every emotion; happiness, sorrow, anger and curiosity. It is one of those which you love to watch again and again. Sache J Gabha Faadi Nakhya! Bey Yaar is highly recommended for all Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis out there. Bey Yaar gets 4.5 Bits out of 5 from BuddyBits.

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