Movie Review: Entertainment

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj, Johnny Lever, Junior (the wonder dog).

Director: Sajid-Farhad

To be frank, when I went to see “Entertainment” I was sure that I won’t be surprised by this slap stick comedy, my only ray of hope was Akshay Kumar and the reason as we all know is the superb comic timing which the actor posses. “Entertainment” works in the first half because of the some good one liners which are truly funny and coming out from Akshay’s mouth makes them hilarious.

Entertainment is a story of Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar) who is in love with Saakshi (Tamannaah). In order to marry her he needs to do one simple thing and that is to become rich anyhow. There is nothing new in the story. By the time you read the previous line you might have figured out what comes next. Basically there are two superstars; one is Akshay and other is Junior (Dog whose name is Entertainment) and why entertainment? That you will learn from Johnny Lever who comes up with a great explanation. So basically Akshay’s father has left all the money to the dog and in order to get the money he needs to take care of the dog (kill it) and there are two more villains; one is from Dabanng and other from Dabanng 2; they are brothers and basically Akhil’s uncles who also want the money.

So basically everyone in the movie want the money and even I want my money back. So all in all Entertainment provides some entertainment but it’s not epic; its slap stick.

What’s Good?

Dialogues, Akshay Kumar’s comic timing

What’s Bad?

Story, Screenplay, Music and Overacting


Go for Entertainment if you want to see some funny moments. It’s strictly for Akshay Kumar fans only; I am going with 2.5 bits out of 5.

Hitarth Solanki
Hitarth is a movie buff by passion, creative by head and guitarist with funk and engineer by force. Deeply rooted in movies and in love with the 70 mm screen, can watch any thing and every thing. All in all movies complete me!