[Must Watch] I am that Change! Let’s be the Change!

We often talk about bringing change in the system. We always expect others to be that change. We never take step towards the change ourselves. True? Change starts with us. I always believe that even our smallest contribution can make difference. I always put wrappers of chocolates and wafers in pocket until I find the trash bin. I always switch off lights when they are not needed. And there are lot of other things which I do. Because I believe that even if only few people in the world will believe in “change starts with me”; we will be able to bring the change. Allu Arjun has made a short film “I am that Change” which will leave very powerful impact on your mind. This 3 minutes video will change your perception about change in the world; I can bet! Have a look at this short film.

Watch I am that Change

Be the Change

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