[Friendship Day Special] Kisse Dosti Ke!

“Millions of Memories
Thousands of Jokes
Hundreds of Secrets
One Reason

A perfect quote for the perfect day which can simply describe everything. Yes we have many types of friends and everyone of us has one or two memorable experiences or incidents with best friend or friends which are worth sharing and which makes us smile whenever we remember it or think about it. Yes everyone has certain experiences or incidents maybe happy or sad but they are priceless. On this Friendship Day we will cherish some of the experiences which people would like to share with us. Have a look.

Anik Sheth, Pune

“Small incidents which I remember are secretly eating snacks in classes and making faces as if nothing has happened. Being the school prefect I enjoyed a lot and broke rules sometimes. Banging the table and harassing teacher as if someone is on the door and not allowing her to teach; being a school prefect helping my friends in breaking rules were one of the most memorable experiences and whenever I recollect those days all I end up doing is long phone calls with all those friends. Happy Friendships Day to all my friends.”

Mitesh Sanghvi, Ahmedabad

“I would like to share one strange incident on Friendship Day. One of my friends, once called four different guys including me in year 1992 for smoking! Each one was a stranger for the rest. We all were studying engineering in different branches of different colleges across India. The common thing between all of us was that we all were born at the same place, Surendranagar and we all were proud engineers. The interesting thing is that, we all four still get together once in a year since 1992 with family and children. Even our wives and children are close friends now. We share a strange bond with each other. And now a days our wives and kids get along with each others too! So we all are now family friends.”

Mitesh Sanghvi and his friends
Mitesh Sanghvi and friends

Hardik Manwani, Ahemdabad

“I had a friend in my college when I was pursuing BCA. He completed MCA and he was looking for a job but he dint get any job. He gave many interviews but no chance of getting a job just because he was a fresher but he was very talented so I decided that I’ll hire him in my company and so when I paid him his first salary he was so happy and I still remember that smile on his face and that was the most memorable moment. Happy Friendship Day.‘’

Nishant Dalal, Surat

“Everything started with a thought of getting together again to recall old memories. Me and my friend Kushal planned first reunion of our school friends in 2010. In this reunion, we get together on first Saturday of August month of each year and celebrate the day. We share highlights from our busy lives and recall old memories. We are celebrating this reunion every year since 2010! We all are connected with Whatsapp and Facebook, but meeting in person surely is a different and precious thing. I would like to wish everyone a very happy friendship day.”

Nishant Dalal and his Group at Reunion in 2011
Nishant Dalal and his Group at Reunion in 2011

Yashraj Silhar, Rajkot

“So me and my friend were chilling around in the canteen area and a beautiful girl was approaching us. She was standing infront of me. We both knew who she waved in our direction and we both thought she was waving at us. My friend confidently waved back and so did I. As I took a step towards her, my friend took a step back. I reached near her and her dad appeared from nowhere and started staring at me. I went back to my friend and bursted out laughing.”

Nishit Jariwala, Surat

“I still remember my last birthday. After finishing a party with college friends, my good friend Nisarg (team member of BuddyBits) asked me to accompany him. He said someone wants to meet me. I thought he was kidding so I denied and went home. Got multiple calls from him saying that come here (at the mall), someone wants to meet you. I went to the mall. He wasn’t there yet. I called him asking where you are and who is coming to meet me? He said wait, the person is coming. I had no idea who is coming. And after waiting for a long time when I decided to leave, he came. He said the person is coming right away. I waited for few more minutes and then entered Hemal Mehta (a very good friend and a team member of BuddyBits). I was like WTF is going on. And then entered Mohsin and Abhishek (two more team members of BuddyBits) and Jatin Chaudhary (a very good friend). And then the picture got clear. Team BuddyBits threw me a surprise on my birthday. We had never gathered before that day. It was one of the best days of my life.”

Birthday Surprise by Team BuddyBits
Birthday Surprise by Team BuddyBits

Shubharun Bose,Vadodara

“It was October 2012, midnight we were coming back from Ahemdabad in a winger (van) after losing a match. It was very dark on the expressway and people started sharing horror stories. Then suddenly we heard a huge blast. It was a tyre burst, the van was moving at 110 kmph. The driver lost control and the van tripped twice on the expressway at that speed. I got 15 stitches and few of them didn’t get a scratch. People who saw that accident thought that we all were dead and that was the most hilarious moment. Whenever we recall that accident, in stead of feeling sad we burst out into laughter. Yes this was one of my most memorable moment with friends.”

Share your moments!

Share your best and memorable moments with friends in comment. 🙂

[Cover Photo Courtesy: Aagam Shah (Surat)]

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