Rough Rain!

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“No god, please, not today”, Prishvi said. Prishvi Shah, a 24 year old girl was about to go to her office when heavy rain started. She had to give an important presentation on that day and rain was an unbearable obstacle for her, because she uses public transport to reach to the office. She did not have any choice so she went out. On her way to the bus stop, a car passing by slashed the rain water on her. She was so pissed off that she wanted to throw a stone on the car but she continued walking.

“You have to be the best tomorrow; this presentation will boost up your career.” Words of her boss were blinking on her mind when she was travelling through the bus. She was very nervous about the presentation and at the same time the rain was making her way more difficult. ”Why does this rain come and if it comes, why does it come when you are on your way to any important task. I am sure it will get stopped when I will reach the office. This rough rain I say.” She thought. When we are nervous, our mind starts to think about things which are not even related to the nervousness, nonsense most of the time. “Tip TipTip” the sound of water drops coming from the little holes on the roof of the bus, Chik chik voice of people about how the rain is disturbing their schedule, all these things were adding frustration to her nervousness and making her angry.

After all her struggle, she reached to the office, wet, exhausted, freaked out and almost 30 minutes late. She gave her presentation but her anger and exhaust laid over her mind and presentation didn’t go well as it should have been.

While returning home at the evening through bus, her mind was surrounded by the thoughts of that day’s incident. If rain-barrier wasn’t there, she would have got promoted. She was cursing the rain about her failure. While surfing on the waves of her thoughts, she felt few raindrops on herself. And her concentration got diverted to the window sit where a girl was sitting and enjoying rain drops. She ignored once but it continued and she almost shouted “Just Close the Window!” That girl immediately closed the window and sat silently. After some time Prishvi realised that she was too loud so she apologized to that girl; “I am really sorry but this rain had really spoiled my day!” ”It’s ok, It had spoiled mine too.” that girl replied. Her answer surprised Prishvi that why she was enjoying the rain if it had spoiled her day? “Why are you enjoying it then?” Prishvi asked. “I too was angry on rain when my day was ruined but then I realised that it was my fault. Sometimes we blame others for our mistakes. It’s not always other’s fault, sometimes it’s just you. My anger spoiled my day not the rain. So I decided to deal with it rather than getting angry on it. I heard somewhere if you can’t deal with the situation, start enjoying it. Now can I open the window?” the girl asked with a smile on her face. Prishvi also smiled and nodded.

One thing Prishvi learned that day was to enjoy the present moments by leaving behind all the sorrows and disappointments. There would be thousand reasons to cry on but one reason is enough to make you smile. Monsoon is the refreshing season, so in this season find out the reason to smile. Spend some time with family; go on long drives with friends in rain. Find the fun of your life and your life will be beautiful like never before.

“Find out smiles, to make your life brighter,
Steal some time for a while, and enjoy monsoon’s amazing sight
Listen to your heart, let it speak,
Live for yourself and life will be pleasing.”

Urvi Sheth

Urvi is pursuing Computer Engineering from Surat; but her area of interest doesn't match with it. She loves photography, writing, singing and dancing. "My motto in life is to make people smile." she says.