[Story] For you Mr Idiot

She entered and asked for my classwork book, I was like who the hell is she to check my notebooks. I showed my book to her. She wasn’t happy with my work, her expressions told me so. She was getting pissed off seeing those cartoons n idiotic poems written at last few pages about her, about the principal and some stupid lecturers.

I knew I am totally fucked up now. She is surely gonna complaint about that to her Stupid Millionaire Husband. Instead of feeling guilty, I started thinking about new school, new batch mates and of course new girls after getting fired from this school.

But it turned to be a stupid idea; she didn’t utter a single word. She left the room showing her backless Black blouse, enough to make every girl jealous who were half of her age.

Her name was Kavya Rana. Kavya was Mr Rana’s second wife. Kavya married him after the death of his first wife. One of the trusties of the school.

She was fond of interacting with the students.

Next week she again checked my notebook but this time she was impressed for not making any cartoons on last pages. From that day it became routine for her to check my book everyday, I too liked her checking my books.

Our friendship stated blooming soon. We were used to meet at Barista. Once just outside there, I saw a thellawala selling Golgappa.

No matter how classy and how royal family a girl belongs, she can’t resist herself from a street side golgappa.

‘Bhaiya do plate’ she said in her cute little childish voice as if she was having it for the first time.

I was like who would focus on these stupid golgappas when you have this seven course meal right in front of your eyes.

One thing I have noticed since my teenage that no matter how soft or sweet girl is, she would always go for the spiciest flavor beyond her capacity and in the end that famous dialogue’ bhaiya, bahot tikha hai, papdi do na!

I mean it is all done just for some papdis!

I was expecting the same girly dialogue from her but….. The great predictor Mr Nikhil was wrong here.

Is she from Venus I said in my mind.

Bye Nikhil’ she said when I was busy starring at her smoky red lips

She went from there so as I.

From that golgappa meet, I couldn’t see her for a week. May be she was out of town.

How stupid men becomes when beauty surrounds them! I should be named ‘Nikhil- The Idiot’ for not exchanging cell phone numbers even after she insisted.

‘Ladko ki community pe Kalank hai Nikhil Mathur.’ I saw a man waving a poster like this in my mind.

I was right, yes she’s leaving,

She was going to Mumbai forever. To settle down there, to be free like a bird from Mr Rana. She never complained me about her husband but I felt that she wasn’t even enjoying this marriage. Though she hasn’t Invited me to come with her, I started making plans to shift in Mumbai but sad part was that I had to be here in Dehradun to complete my Engineering.

We met that evening.

“Kavya, I want to have a drink with you before you leave for Mumbai.” I gathered my energy and said to her. I was expecting a big NO with a slap!

She just smiled and gave me a gesture of yes with her enticing eyes.

We went on the terrace of her house; I think no one was there, not even the servants. Maybe she had ordered them to leave tonight.

I knew that was the last night I am going to see her. She was dressed in a red sari flaunting her curves like a godess. We sat there, she took out the bottle of wine; an expensive one. But none of us drank it that night. Don’t know why but  I didn’t feel like drinking.

I came back to my room. Night Ended.

A parcel came at my room after couple of days. It was from Kavya. She had  Gifted me a pair glares written on the cover “For Mr Idiot”!

When I put on these aviators I still feel she is nearer to me. This is one of the reasons to have my glares on; moreover nobody will ever know the darkness behind these glares. Haha just kidding!

I admit that I had affection for her; who couldn’t have!

There was a connection between us something that bonded us. A bit of awkward sensitive feeling. Friendship you can call. So this is the short story of Nikhil Mathur and Kavya Rana. We were not lovers or sleep buddies; we simply enjoyed each other’s company. Only thing which is going to be there is, the time we spent together.

It’s is all about memories, the time you spent with your besties. While remembering old moments, ‘Dekh, teri bhabhi jaa rahi hai’ kind of dialogues in college make you feel delighted even after a fight with your wife, that glass of Vodka on the Hostel terrace with roommates will surely make you forget the uncompleted balance sheets; that chase sequences of some hot chick with friend will make you thrill more than any Hollywood action movie, those sutta and hukka moments; no matter how old you grow, it’s hard to forget.

It’s your time if you have friend whom you can yours.

Forget the pain and enjoy the life because sadly we haven’t invented time machine yet so that we can go back and peep in our glorious past.

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