Story of Upcoming Bollywood horror and suspense thriller The Closed Door

Upcoming bollywood horror and suspense thriller The Closed Door is releasing on 29th August, 2014. is Online Partner of the movie. And as we’ve promised, we will be bringing exclusive bits from the movie. Today we’re sharing storyline of the movie. Have  a look.

Storyline – Plot of The Closed Door

There is a bungalow in a place far from the city. The owner wants to give it on rent. Once a man (Shekhar Shukla) went there to take one room on rent. The landlord asks for 10,000 rupees as a rent of a room which is on the first floor. That guy agrees to pay double with a condition. He put a condition that he will pay 20,000 but no one will ever disturb him or will knock on his door. The landlord agrees.

Shekhar Shukla in The Closed Door
Shekhar Shukla in The Closed Door

Six months passes. The hasn’t came out of the room once since last six months. And during these six months lot of paranormal things keeps happening in the bungalow. The landlord and family gets frightened. And finally they decide to check what have been happening inside behind that Closed Door.

And to know what is behind that closed door, you have to watch The Closed Door. Movie is releasing on 29th August 2014.

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