The Pursuit of Happiness

The journey of our lives is measured in happiness, hence today I have a little to share. The unhappiness and happiness are having juxtaposition. It’s upon us to decide that, where to put a more weighty and let it down the other side. Happiness runs anti-parallel with our lives and Sadness runs parallel with our lives. So to have that thing which is not in our hands little yearn is vital to aim it.

It’s generally been said that, life is an ice cream enjoy before it melts, I would say Life is a bunch full of different ice cream flavours.

It’s generally been said that, life is an ice cream enjoy before it melts, I would say Life is a bunch full of different ice cream flavours so if one gets melted you have so many other flavours too, to relish. In this era to get sad is termed fashionable without definite reason so people tend to get sadness and that’s the main reason we can’t see the happiness which lies within us. People are on a spree of defining happiness or sadness with lousy lucidity. No futile acumen is needed to be happy think you are. Your approach towards your life makes you happy.

The day you will love yourself the life, it will give you back with the peck, on your cheek. We don’t need abundant reasons to be happy. Find it in small things. Hug your Dad. Kiss your mom. Buy a chocolate for your younger Brother. Help your elder sister in her project. Go out with your friends and chill. Don’t hold grudges towards anyone. Smile a little. Laugh a little more. Life is too small to be sad and it is extremely awesome to be awesome.

By the way, have you ever like the sad face? No! Right.Let the smile make your trademark. It brings abundant positivity to others. Be someone’s reason to smile. Be someone’s reason of happiness. It gives utter joy. Start loving yourself, your life will love you eternally till the all the water of the sea gets absorbed away.

Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.

– Ayn Rand

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Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.

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