This Video will send Chills down your Spine!

You might have stumbled upon this clip on WhatsApp or any other media, but if you haven’t please watch it. It will make you feel shameful and frustrated. I received this video a day before and I was shocked after seeing this. How evil a person can be? This video shows an adult beating up little kids and that too in an insane manner. We are trying to gather more information on who that person is and from where the video came, but I couldn’t just stop myself from sharing this to all. This is terrible. That guy needs a lesson. Period.

Truth Behind the Video

The video which is being shared claiming the guy to be Indian is totally misleading and incorrect. On our research we found out that the guy shown in the video is an orphanage manager from Egypt. Orphanage manager named Osama Mohamed Othman is beating children with a stick and kicking them until they burst into tears as shown in the video. This video is captured by his wife and posted to the social media. The guy has already been imprisoned.

We would like to thank our buddy Vishal Joshi for sharing this information with us.

Binit Thacker
Binit Thacker is pursuing engineering from Charotar University of Science & Technology, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. Binit is from Bhuj city of Gujarat. He loves singing and designing. Photography is his passion. Sometimes, he writes. Other times, he plays guitar.