Why Foreign Education System is better than Indian Education System?

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Education system in India is worse than foreign countries including US, countries of UK and Gulf countries. This is the known fact. We all know it; but why? Why foreign education system is better than Indian education system? Today I will list out few differences between Indian Education System and Foreign Education System. Have a look.

Difference between Indian and Foreign Education System

  • Indian education focuses more on theory rather than practical. Indian education system doesn’t allow creativity. Whereas in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning. And they allow creativity in education.
  • In India; education is a formality, part of routine; every Indian must get a degree of Engineering or Medical stream; whether you learn something or not. In foreign countries; education is taken as a learning process.
  • Foreign education curriculum contains everything taking from arts to sports along with studies. US has arts, sports, music and theatre in syllabus. Australia focuses more on sports; they have cricket, hockey and boxing in their college curriculum. Where as Indian education system only emphasize on studies. There is no room for extra curricular in our education system.
  • In Dubai;  primary and secondary education is free and it is made compulsory in law. Where as in India education is becoming business. Taking from privatization of education to tuitions and coaching institute; education is generating good money. So business minds are now moving towards education.
  • In India students are not given choice to select their field of interest. One must become an engineer or a doctor! Sports and arts are considered to be made for leftovers. If you don’t get admission in science of commerce stream; you choose arts. This is what Indians feel.
  • In India; students are admitted into streams which have higher pay scale or higher number of jobs. And in foreign country; students are admitted according to their field of interest.
  • In India; students take admission seeing the trends. So if in a particular year, majority of students are rushing towards Mechanical Engineering, you’re bound to take admission in Mechanical Engineering. Students are not given choice to select their field of stream.  In short in India; we go with the flow. Where as in foreign countries, students wait until they get admission into their field of interest.
  • In India, students are required to memorize facts and figures. Thousands of equations of mathematics, birth dates and death dates of freedom fighters, chemical reactions and hundreds of other things. We emphasize on theory. And in foreign country they impact knowledge in students through practical implementation.
  • Indian education system teaches old technologies. Education system hasn’t changed much after independence. Indian education system is very bad in adopting latest technologies in curriculum. In foreign countries; curriculum changes everyday according to upgradation of technology and requirements of the industry.
  • And lastly we believe in grades and certificates. We believe in taking admission in IITs and IIMs. Foreign countries believe in skills. They don’t care about the institution of education more, all they see is what you learnt during your schooling.

There are lot of reasons why foreign education system is better than Indian. I was able to list 10 out of them here. We seriously need change in education system! And not only in education system; we need change in the mentality of Indians (so called society) as well. Together we all will have to work hard to bring change in education system! How can we change it? I will share ideas in my next article. Keep checking BuddyBits.com. 🙂

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Nishit Jariwala
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  1. Indian education system is far better than Foreign education system. We have IIT and IIM world class universities and institutes. Thousands of Indian working for international companies with local degree.

    The fact is only that Indian students are too lazy every time they blame colleges and universities. Each college have youth festivals and sports day in which they can take part and perform so one more point gone wrong in this article.

    I think you write this article for your new venture “We Want Change”.

    Don’t blame education system or Universities. Blame Indian students and some where the poor management of universities that’s it,

    1. Dear Niraj, thank you so much for sharing your views. This is not written for We Want Change campaign; I have not mentioned it a single time in the article.

      And yes, I do agree that students here are lazy too! And to change that we want more practical based education; which can interest students. Education is a formality in India. Have you seen a single student who is excited to attend school or college?

      And other thing; our education system doesn’t give freedom; it doesn’t allow creativity. And also our society wants their children to be a doctor or an engineer! Artist, musicians are not getting respect they deserve here.

      It is not only education system; it is because of mentality of people and casualness of students here.

      1. Hello Nishit,

        Every student have different mindset for school and colleges. Ok tell me what do you mean by foreign education system? Which countries you consider under the foreign education system? USA, Canada, UK, Australia? Only 4 countries. Their education is perfect because of limited population and the atmosphere of universities.

        And look at India dude so much population and India is way ahead of remaining countries. Far better education from other countries.

        So i am not agreed with your article sorry. It is just my point of view your other articles are amazing (Regular reader).

          1. niraji, you tell me why do our students , pursue their masters degrees in us,eu,austrailia,singapore,,, please you are the reason this article has been published, you are an outstanding example of bad education,

        1. hey there!

          India is really getting ahead of many other developing countries. But, I think you are from IIT or any autonomous college which offers good education at low fees, that is why you feel like that. Please do visit other affiliated colleges in india where the fees is not affordable plus, poor system of education. I know you are trying to be patriotic, and which is good. I appreciate you for that. All i have done and been doing is to carry a 10kg backpack everyday. Huge pressure makes students to copy and do cheating in exams. Grade is based only on sem exams.

        2. Ok did you agree with indian politics ? It is better then other country ? If you agree with that …….

        3. Okay!Then why indian institutes are not considered as one of major educational institutes in the world ! Only IIT’S and IIM does not make the whole education system in india and huge number of corrupted institutes than any other country in which more than half of the country’s youth study every year .The problem is this whole system has to be changed!Few decades ago UK was also suffering with this pattern then they decided to change the system worrying about the students! If you read this please give me your opinion on my statement .

      2. One really need to be a part of Indian education system before commenting on it. Other countries are calling Indians for the knowledge which they got from India, and we are critisizing the same, what an irony. I used to be theoritical but now it is no more. Various activities are given and camps are organized to give practical knowledge, which is never provided in foreign schools. Students are having very limited knowledge here and goes blank when it comes to concepts

    2. The main difference between indian education system and foreign
      education system is the innovation. They develop enough their student
      for innovative thinking, result is research, innovative companies and
      their products. We indian are taught for memorizing things, checking
      mistakes, proving right or wrong, getting good scores, if any problems
      comes, search their solution in the book written by them. We are good as
      employees employed and instructed by them. We are not enough grown to
      build our own innovative systems. There are all knowledge in the book
      and we study them very well, get good scores, but from a single needle
      to ships and high speed trains, they innovate they made.

      We know how motor works, how compressor works, we study we scored good marks,
      but they build and we buy. This is not laziness. This is training of
      mind in two different direction, one leads to creativity and one leads
      to become just a robotic employee. One don’t have so much fear of doing mistake because they know that after doing 10000 mistakes only they can innovate a bulb. another One leads to a critical road of being right or wrong, presenting right or wrong. One leads to give enough thinking power to their weak students, another one leads to learn enough to their students about what is right or wrong.

    3. only two or three standard universities for 1.26 trillon peoples. what a great education standard. only IIT is come under top 400 quality standard universities in world.

    4. First of all, none of our university come in top 100 universities of the world. Second Look at every CEO who is Indian but working at Big gaint foreign companies such as Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Sandisk. You will notice that every one had got their degree from the land of these companies. None from IIT, IIM to direct Google, Microsoft etc.
      So don’t blame students.

      Now, there are some rules of our Education System and from my point of view these are bull*hit.

      1) 16 year old student has to select stream after 10th for whole life and can’t be change in future (Only Science got freedom).
      Now you tell me, is choosing stream for whole life require less maturity than riding a bike or giving vote(by d way govt also stay only for 5 yr) ? If yes, then 16 year old can drive vehicle and can give vote.

      2) why there is no freedom of choosing subject, why division? Why can’t Science with arts or commerce with Science?

      3) A Science student after 12th can do B.com or B.Tech then why not A commerce student after 12th can do B.Tech ?

      This list goes on, but first these are more important to be changed.

      1. Sir U r right I’m agree with you as I know a person who studied in iit, but again he studied in Standford university then he got popularity. So I think Standford was the point who changed his life not iit.

    5. You are utterly and horribly wrong. I have been a student of this crap education system and my hard work never yielded me results, just because I was not good at memorizing.

      So you can as well hell with your baseless stupid comment. The article was for school students and not students at a damn IIT or BITS or any such college.

    6. no no your gone wrong because these sports days and other cultural festivals are for name sake…and for the fact that these institutes are looking for the brainy and the intelligent ones only they don’t focus on other faculties such as sports and other sectors in which many students can have an opportunity to make success. What the article says is right enough that our education system is based on different caste systems…and pls don’t blame the children for these…

  2. My Dear all friends first of thanks to all Buddy Bits team for this wonderful article. Dear from last three to 4 years we see there are lots of public strike, hunger strike in India for to change system. But friends my thought if we do more educate India then i am sure we change a lots of system and development growth of inida. Education is not only for job and degree but it is base and play impotent role for any country. I read and see i think you also seen if your country is well educate then there are lots of problem solve automatically. Please just analysis education system and education ratio of all the country which are on top position today. So we really need change our education requirement not only system. I would like to request nishit and team post one more next article with topic “Why Education ?”

    1. Thank you so much @disqus_ZpHOFHqcP8:disqus for sharing your views. Certainly! We will write an article on “Why Education?” Thank you so much for your suggestion.

      1. Dear sir, i studied your article.it as true that in ouer education system there is no freedm.i am ateacher in school.i have many ideas to teachthem.but the administrata=ion,the pressure of syllabus,the rank race doesnt allow me to teach those things.we all should think about the bettermement which is not possible in aday.dear nishit sir can i have your contact number please.

  3. This fellow Niraj is idiot. We have worst education system in world. I did my b.tech from good university but still i feel that this education has led to decline in my creativity. knowledge and marks are independent of each other. we score good marks than whites but yet do very little inventions as compared to them because they only choose the field which they like and we are here studying a lot of material most of which has a very little or no use in life. i did b.tech in computer science then what was the use of chemistry in computer science where there is all coding and no chemical reactions and equations. Aryabhatta invented 0 and decimal but romans invented the numbers. if there are no numbers then 0 and decimal have no value. We are born donkeys to work in companies which they create. Google, microsoft and so much examples. Only an idiot would consider foriegn education system bad.

  4. Sir, with due respect to your keen observation of the education system of both India and lets say USA. i would like to submit very humbly, that our Primary Education system itself is faulty, let me tell you how, first of all the teachers being appointed as primary teachers, they are not aware about their duties roles , contribution and commitment towards the society. And the fact is that , why should they think about them. Their primary motif is to secure their jobs, because majority of schools are either owned by local leader , Municipality or private owner. Local leaders don’t allow for any creativity and in Municipality school there is no scope for creativity. At the university level maximum students are interested either in cultural programs of different fests. so they only come for either attendance or submissions of different projects. Thus students are not interested in learning but in fun and enjoyment which is shown in movies.

  5. The post is just azming.. and i wil like to keep my point .. acc. To me this indian eductn system is just maufacturing idiotss. No prctcal knowledge is given here .. i am in 11 .. have taken medical .. but there is no use of it. Though science students are considerd as the most i intelignt ones but we r d most stupid.. becoz here we r not given any prctcl knowledge . Even in the prctl periods we are asked to just perfrm the prctl wrttn in d manuals with d help of teachers. Its of no use .. we r scoring well only by memorizing things and we r not getng any prctl knwlege .. foreign eductn atleast imparts prctcl knowledge. And thats wat we need ini guess !

  6. We also have to consider why Indian educational institutes conduct entrance exams to select students during admission programs.
    I believe such educational institutions prefer picking a safe zone. Students who suceed in such entrance exams are usually quite brilliant. By planing such entrance exams they can make sure the students who they admit would finally score well during final exams even if the institution would not be able to help him all the way during his education in the campus.
    It can also be thought that such entrance exams are conducted only to make sure that children are thorough with the subjects that they’ve studied so far. But this is what I think because by the end of the day when a student achieves success in his exams people usually say “he succeeded because he studied in that institution” and institutions put up banners that say-“100% of our students succeeded this year”

  7. Thanks for this article. My personal opinion is that, Indian education system really need some changes. It is right that we have a huge population, but if all parents want their children to become either a doctor or an engineer, will that be possible with this giant crowd? And here in India, students who take any language, whether English, Malayalam or Hindi, for their degree is treated as stupids. People themselves imagine that the language students are not good for becoming anything like the so-called brilliant doctors and engineers. This view has to change. I myself have seen many students jumping to commerce/arts stream after trying hard to pass entrance exams, wasting a year or more on it. And with no doubt I will say that, in India, education has become a business rather than imparting education. Providing practical knowledge rather than tons of theories to mug up is really necessary. Very less colleges in India offer courses like visual media whereas wherever we turn, now we have lots and lots of medical and engineering colleges. We need a better education system……….whichever is the best and will help Indians too to become a true champion than just a puppet!

  8. Education is must in a good manner and that’s tge satisfaction of education in abroad and Still there’s alot changes need in Indian Education System. We people (Indian) feel education a burden but they practically Enjoy…
    The post above is really very worthful

  9. In my opinion in India students get a too much syllabus after 10th class like a firestruck.

  10. Yes man u re right.Our indian education is not so gud than other countries.Most of the students even me not interested in study because we studied lack of theory education and not practical like theory is 80% and practical is 20%.2. Our some indian teachers sometime angry with us even they slap in school .But in overseas teachers didn’t allow to slap students 3.Amir khan starrer best film tare zameen par
    gives so many messages to all parents and teacher who torture or pressure their children for studies.My parents realise after watching films . But most of the people not realise 4.Mentality factor :-Our indian mentality is worse compare to foregin.Parents thought that if our son become doctor,engineer his life is good .Our society always preference these carrier for students So tell me how can our india develop.My parents told me to do whatever u want to do in your carrier.Like foregin people. Why all parents not say their child like this in india. So i can say that govt should take action against teachers,education system giving Sports and art activities compulsory like maths.Practical education more 100% and theory only 20%.

  11. Exactly. Education is not a previlage but something beyond its own border line restrictions with the highest level of authority to mainframe the aspect of natural born talent of the corner stone members of the society out performing the print headed lashes implied on the true drive towards humanity. To develop broad minded intellects we need to impart a drive towards ignorance to develop natural born talents in them. This not the old headed generation taking about rights wrongs or principles. Instead it is about treating students without the generation gap. This generation is all about a voulentiery humanitarian drive towards socialistic behaviour differentiating between the wrongs and the rights using critical thinking using matured brains level headed in today’s world. Targetting collaboration techniques should be the aim of our indian education system. Not preparing them for getting grades should be our target. But to pull out their talents by witnessing their unique intellectual abilities by bestowing responsibilities on their shoulders thunderstorming a bright impact by recognising their talents guiding them into their safe career options should be our main focus. Thankyou. typed by me studying science in first puc

  12. Indian education system is a one which tests our memory.just study what is given in the text books and write it in our exams.There is no intellectual growth

  13. Indian education system is not student friendly. With all the dull classroom, huge syllabus, large number of exams, almost one exam per month, high expectations from parents and teachers, lot of home-work and the everyday race of survival, pressure and stress the student hardly ‘LEARNS’ anything, he just ‘SCORES’ the marks. And for teachers also because of the huge syllabus that should be taught in a given time, continuous exams 4 unit test, 2 semesters, in maharashtra- 2 baseline exam by government, 8 exams per year+ ‘Oral exams’. The teacher spends more time in conducting these exams and checking the papers, then record maintaining then of course ‘OPEN DAY’ and plus some government duties like elections etc. And there is a very high student-teacher ratio, more than 60 students per class, it is very difficult to manage them hence The teacher scolds the student to keep them quite because otherwise she wont be able to complete the syllabus. theThe teacher hardly gets time to teach in the classroom.She/He just teaches what is important for ‘EXAM’ and not what the students should learn for their life and progress. And most of them are paid very LOW (Rs. 3000-12000 pm not more than that with rare exceptions) in almost all schools except some Very good private schools and teacher with permanent government job, which is really rare. With all these frustration, many of them just concern about completing the syllabus in time and not checking if the students are getting it or not. The students are highly stressful and they have to face these exams and has to score as per their parent’s expectations, so instead of playing or doing some hobbies and activities, student just prepare for their exams, those who fail or do poorly are not treated well by the teachers, parents and even by the peers, eventually they loose all the confidence or become trouble makers. Parents paying lot of fees and even for the extra tuition and expecting outcome of their ‘MONEY’ spent. The system kills creativity and it is not helpful not only for students but for teachers and parents too. It is only helpful for those who ‘OWNS’ the school, they make lot of money. Its a business. People talk about great performance by Indian students in the foreign countries, But people forget that we have large population 1.2billion so it is obvious that if we consider that 1%-2% of the population is brilliant then its obvious that 1-2 crores of Indians which is larger than some country’s population are doing good world wide, as many of brilliants whose parents fund them go abroad and has a tremendous experience of Rat-race do good academically in abroad also. But what about remaining crores of student. which are not brilliant or average? The system only helps in discrimination between brilliant and dull and also rich and poor. The people who are not doctors or engineers with good salary, lawyers, C.A. etc. or any highly paying job do not get much respect in society. not even the teachers with low salary. So its all about the money in India. It’s a business.

  14. i’m totally agree to sakshi bajaja.
    i’m complete in class 12 to shre only knowledge cn give us by teachr not a singl prtcle…after that when practical time start we do too much hard work to written on practical copy.

  15. you are right man. indians has more talent but because of this damn theory we loss interest in our studies and our education system check only marks not talent .that is why foreigners are more successful than us.

  16. As far as i have noticed the fact that you have mentioned above are completely true. I am currently doing my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in Tamil Nadu, in my college we have mostly theory classes and two or one lab classes .Even in lab classes we are learning with the oldest machines of lathe ,drill, IC engine of 1989 etc…..We love to learn in practical way , but in my state they didn’t give it a chance. Moreover they are mainly focused on completing the syllabus of our courses and getting us placed in any company they can bring it our campus.
    one thing that makes me laugh is that student who studied biology in 11th and 12 th now joins engineering college , let’s just say mechanical or civil and they get placed in IT companies. See there is no logic in it Biology–>Mech or civil or chemical or ECE—>IT companies. We really need a change brother , otherwise there will be no quality education at all for future generations. And i truly accept you 8th point , from my childhood they taught us to memorize and reproduce it in the answer sheet or else we will score poor marks . This hurts a lot …. Lets hope there will be a change soon.

  17. I must agree with u guys!!! but the most worst thing is our(indians) mentality or mindset !!! we have to make some plans to change our peoples mindset then we can able to change our eductn system ! simaltaniusly other errorss!

  18. Ya Indian education system is worst.
    I am studying in 10th standard in Bangalore.
    I have observed that our education is limited only what is there in the text book. There is no practical things thaught. All focus only on achieving grade . Actually all the exams conducted and the education up to PUC is utter waste.
    One thing which I want to share is in school no one teaches on how to make our career or what we require to make our career. There is no space for creativity in Indian education. Foreigners who have introduced Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp for atleast 30min a day. And we Indian’s run behind doing doctor and engineering.
    This, India education system is utter worst compared to other foreign countries.

  19. in india students accord priority to get good marks they do not want take knowledge with practle

  20. Dear Friends,
    Thank you all.
    Its ture that the higher persantange of europeans are doing better than the persantage of us. They do not creat competion with in the community as being unique on a particular area and it represents in many ways if you understood.
    The topic has just come in our mind and thats why we could read all about, great.
    I’m a DME passed out and completed graduation in part time. This is purely due to my family financial situation. My MDs son and most of the known richer’s kids are studying as they choose. My parents have grown me with a good habits rather making me rich, but now I’m not poor. Hope we may assist our kids and make an atmosphere where they can gain to live better.
    Thank and Regards.
    One of Yours.

  21. As far as I have Indian education is not like before. The generation has changed and so has the mentality of people. And please don’t express so much haterad in your words towards India

  22. In india more than children parents choose their field of education.if student is intersted in commerce stream parents will force him or her to take what parents want.because of which students loose interests in studies.in india less opportunity are given as well salary because of which students are moving to other countries.

  23. I m a mother of 11 year old child,For last two years I m staying outside India, on asking Indian people here 98% said Indian education is best, many say those for eg. Completed year 7 here,on going back to India it’s very difficult to cope up with year 8 it takes time to come into streamline,also a child who took admission to pursue engineering in India found it hard to complete n finally had to change his mind n settledown in some other field, I m confused what to do,plz suggest

    1. I was having many student of U. S in my class and their skills were worst of all. They were unable to cope and find it difficult. Foreign education don’t let them jack of all as they drop important subjects and nor master of none as they are allowed to take any subject without a background which makes them confused.

  24. Ya it’s true I think first people must change their mantality and never depends on grand or certificate regarding this foreigners mindsets is good they only depends on students skills and they don’t care about grads and certificate. We should give freedom to the students for choosing the stream which they actually want because I have seen many students who wants to take commerce in school but just because of less mark could not take it so I thing people should change their mindsets.

  25. Helllo dear
    We agree with you . We also want to change the education system in our country . Because education system has become a business in our country. we have an idea to solve this problem. We want to discuss on this matter to you in our next post if you are interested.

  26. India’s education system is heavily based on grades & marks. It does not supports innovative thinking. The system concentrates on only getting ‘white collar’ jobs and placements.

  27. see, i spent 3 years of my life in indian education system{in bangalore] , and sure enough said, your education system is too old, it teaches you to become a worker, not an innovative learner. ive heard students wanting to take many small jobs, and they feel contented with it, YOU GUYS ADAPT TO THOSE SITUATIONS. dont do that. Education in your country is becoming a business.
    why do you think engineers in your country is frustrated and unemployed, simple answer; the way they teach is not enough.
    i really do wish this post becomes famous and yall fight for it. deeply appreciate it.

  28. One more habit we Indians have is to nod whatever others say without deep analysis. I am changing that right now …i don’t agree. Being a lecturer I can say that Indian education is better than foreign. Reasons-1.on the name of free education, no attention is given to reading,writing or Knowledge enhancement. 2. Additionally, they don’t even bother to teach basic grammar to kids and expect them to make sentences. The result is parents keep tuitions for English, which is their mother tongue. 3 extra curricular which is part of present education in India, in foreign we have to look for private institutes which are real expensive. 4. Presently in India a parameter is followed, called blue print, is used to set the paper in such a way that child enhances his rememberance, application, critical thinking, evaluating and comprehension skills. 5 Communication and body language is something which makes a person presentable, there is no focus in foreign schools on it. A principal can be seen in the shabby look which sets bad example for students too. 6. A little strictness is equally needed when it comes to studies which neither schools apply nor let parents apply, that results in dropping studies in between and get engage in petty jobs as they are happy with the earning.

  29. I was having many student of U. S in my class and their skills were worst of all. They were unable to handle and find it difficult. Foreign education don’t let them jack of all as they drop important subjects and nor master of none as they are allowed to take any subject without a background which makes them confused.

  30. One really need to be a part of Indian education system before commenting on it. Other countries are calling Indians for the knowledge which they got from Indian education, and we are critisizing the same, what an irony. It used to be theoritical but now it is no more. Various activities are given and camps are organized to give practical knowledge, which is never provided in foreign schools. Students are having very limited knowledge here and goes blank when it comes to concepts

  31. Nice article on education system how should we improve our education system, thanks for sharing information with us.

  32. Both system and people are to blame.
    I liked your article. Plz also write about how we can improve it as only listing the problems doesn’t end the problem. Plz list some easy things which can be done to make the system more effective.

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