10 Gadgets that are likely to be Obsolete

10. Origami Navigational Nightmares

Navigational Map

(Substituite: Digitally Powered GPS Tracking Devices )

It’s true, your GPS directions might not always be correct, but they update much more regularly than maps do!!

9. Alarming Extinction


(Substituite: Cell Phones/Smart Phones)

Really? Why would you want to take up bedside table space with an alarm clock these days?

8. Kill CDs ASAP

CDs and DVDs

(Substituite: USB Flash Drives/Cloud Storage)

Oh, sure, they’re shiny and mesmerizing to behold, but they’re really not the best way to access data anymore.

7. PDAs are DOA


(Substituite: Tablets/Notebooks)

While Personal Digital Assistants were once cutting edge and really ushered in the age of perpetual connectivity, their time in the sun really is over.

6. Dial-up Internet

Dial Up Connection

Surely if you had any sort of choice, you’d ditch dial-up.

5. Paging, Paging … Your Old Technology


(Substituite: Cell Phones/Smart Phones)

There’s a reason Liz Lemon’s lame boyfriend Dennis was still into pagers. Unless you have a very specific need for one, you’re really just telling the world you’re living in the past.

4. Miles of Tape


(Substituite: Digital Recording Formats like .mp4,.mov etc.)

We’re hoping the people still hoarding VHS tapes just haven’t gotten around to digitizing them yet.

3. Compact Cameras

Digital Camera

(Substituite: Digital Cameras/Smart Phones)

There’s really nothing wrong with compact cameras, but carrying one in addition to your smartphone is just a hassle.

2. Trading Air for Land


(Substituite: Cell Phones)

Even most security systems today take advantage of wireless technology and don’t require a landline.

1. Turntables…turn around; walk away!

Old DJ

(Substitute: Digital Mixers and Software)

A very few ‘old school-thing’ lovers and DJs are using turntables. Except that there’s not much time left to vacate a space for them in the museums!

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Parth Dattani

Parth Dattani is pursuing Engineering at Charotar University of Science and Technology, Changa. He plays table tennis in free time and music is like his drug; can't even think a day without it. Friends call him a tech geek due to his weird interests in gadgets. "I like to be just true to myself; hate people who lie." says our guest author Parth.

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