10 Things We Miss the Most about Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

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The bizarre and funny poems cited by “Momma’s boy” Rosesh Sarabhai. They were unique and hilarious. When he starts his poems everyone frowns and starts having a headache.

Rosesh Sarabhai 10 Things We Miss the Most about Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

One of his poem’s dedicated to his moma goes like this,

Momma ka Purse jaise Hospital ki pyaari si koi Nurse
Purse mein rakha Tissue Paper karta hai Paseene ka Ilaaj
Aur Lipstick ho jaise bhookhe Honthon ka Anaaj
Momaa ke Purse ka hai Makhmali sa Sparsh
Momma ka Purse Momma ka Purse!

The Maya Sarabhai

Maya Sarabhai‘s sophisticated way of taunting her unsophisticated daughter-in-law by frequently saying “How down market Monisha !!” and “Don’t mind huh Beta!” & trying hard to portray herself good as compared to Monisha in front of Sahil.

Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Monisha Maya

The epic duo of Monisha and Indravadan

The way Indravadan Sarabhai and Monisha teams up against Maya Sarabhai. They keep back bitching about Maya and making preparations how to spoil her plans.

Monisha Indravadan Sarabhai

Momma’s Boy Rosesh

The way Maya Sarabhai tries to protect Rosesh from the jaws of Indravadan Sarabhai. He is always behind him and he keeps pestering him and his poems.

Roshesh Maya Sarabhai

Naarad Muni

Indravadan Sarabhai always trying to create conflict between people and spilling beans on secrets that why he was also known as Naarad Muni.


Dr Sahil Sarabhai

Sahil being the very obedient son and dedicated husband always is pissed off between his mother and wife’s fight. He is trying to pacify all the troubles that arise in the family.

Sahil Sarabhai

Down market Manisha Singh

Monisha’s middle class habits and her power to start bargaining anywhere she goes for purchasing and the way she starts blackmailing Sahil that she will leave home whenever he fights with her.



Indravadan’s brother-in-law Madhusuadan who is deaf and never wears a hearing aid and whenever anyone speaks he irritates them with his version of interpretation and the Sarabhai’s get immensely irritated by it.

Madhusudan Fufa Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

The Geek

One of the most interesting characters is of Dushyant, Sahil and Rosesh’s brother-in-law who is a techno savvy and an engineer. Whenever he comes to meet the Sarabhai’s he is either checking whether all the electronic devices are working properly or not and trying to share his knowledge about any new technology making them realize what a big blunder they made by accepting him for Sonia Sarabhai.

Dushyant Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Lastly, all Sarabhais!

The peculiar comic timing by each of the members of Sarabhai family and the way they came out with unusual and amusing tactics to the problems that they faced.

Indravadan Sarabhai


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