[Bend Test] iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We have been seeing Samsung vs Apple war on the internet since so long. And as iPhone 6 has arrived in the market, we all have heard the news of phones being bent in users pocket. Today we found a guy who tested both devices, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to check if they bend. Yes. The guy actually forced both devices to see if they bend and result may shock you.  Watch it.

First, let see if iPhone 6 Plus bends

Now let see if Samsung Galaxy Note 3 bends


So what do you think? Apple lovers might have felt humiliated after watching these videos. And Samsung lovers might have got another point to bash Apple lovers. This fight is never gonna end. By the way, which smartphone company do you support? Tell us in comments.

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  1. Do you guys even check this before putting it out? Lol both are the same videos. And what’s up with that stupid video on the sidebar. So stupid & annoying plays everytime automatically. *Dislike*

    1. Dear [Commenter with Weird Name], we’re sorry! We updated same video twice in original article. But we updated the second video just after 5 minutes of publishing original article.

      And first impression of video in sidebar might have been bad for you. (We’ve stopped autoplay. Thanks for the suggestion.) But do check that video. It’s our satire take on TOI’s take on Deepika’s cleavage.

      Thanks for commenting! Keep visiting BuddyBits. 😀

  2. what a fake test video shown …….
    play iPHONE 6 video at 1.38 time shown in IPHONE 6 is 2.26
    and after some more bending at 2.16 time shown in IPHONE 6 is 1.58

[Bend Test] iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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