Happy Teachers Day

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“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of the times if one only remembers to turn on the lights”. This is a famous line quoted by Albus Dumbledore when Harry Potter was in great dilemma and was sceptical about his victory over the darkness. The best part that I love about Harry Potter is the beautiful relationship shared by Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Though it may be a fiction but the story was able to depict how important it is for a child trying to cross the cuts have a proper guidance and support. He had many such support systems that helped him to throw away a magnificent demon like Voldemort.

I know my parents were able to leave me at the kindergarten all alone at the tender age of three just because they were very sure that there was someone as responsible as them who would try to take the utmost care of their child. It’s a fact. Parents hold teachers the most responsible for moulding their child’s personality because it under their guidance that their sapling is spending most of the time away from home. They come and discuss about their children’s progress, behaviour and attitudes. A teacher is the potter who shapes the vessels. The vessels intensity as well as viscosity lies in the hands of the potter.

In Indian history also teachers hold a very significant role. May it be Chanakya or Dronacharya. They had an upper hand in creating one of the most powerful warriors of India.  Teachers are another form of parents to kids. Whenever a kid finds a big problem and is not been able to share it with his parents, they prefer to share it with their teachers or guide. They find a strong support in them. A teacher may not only be someone who is teaching in classes but a teacher is someone who helps you to eradicate ignorance in your life, make you a better being, puts you on the exact path and condenses the bridge between you and your dreams.

I watched a wonderful movie this year. While travelling through bus I got a chance to see a movie called “Hawaa Hawaai”. It was a simple lucid movie which showed how a young boy who knew nothing about the world but wanted to a champion in skating was well steered by his mentor. The boy was sure about his target but was completely clueless about how to reach his destination. His mentor who very well understood the boy’s passion had nurtured his goals and the boy’s goals had become his own goals. He was as much anxious as the boy during the championship and as much excited as the boy when he won. Annie Sullivan was the first teacher to successfully educate a deaf and mute child…Helen Keller! She took up an impossible task and made it happened when everyone kept their hands down. A teacher is not merely someone who teaches and go away, we owe to them our successes and failures.

For instance, experience has been my most favourite teacher. I owe all my success to it. It is the situations and troubles that had brought me to such a far place. But they have been people behind me at the same time who took the trouble to make me move out of my den and make sure that my spirits were high even when the chips were down. I have plenty to thank eventually. Today on this thoughtful day of Teacher’s day, I would like to thank each and every single person who had betrayed me, pushed me, poked me loved me, guided me and walked with me till the end. It is because of each of them that I had been standing here. It’s those miniscule things that you people taught me at different walks of my life that formed the path on which I am walking today. You gave me moments to cherish upon as well memories which taught me what not to do. Every one of you has been a special teacher and taught me something which may not the greatest but important lessons of life. Thank you everyone and here I express my deepest love and gratitude to you all “Happy Teachers Day”.

Asha Kumar

Asha is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.