Love at First Sight?

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“C’mon, We are getting late for our class. I don’t want to be scolded at the very first day!! Move your butt man!! C’mon.” Samarth was screaming.

That line broke my daydream and made me to come back to the original world from my heavenly dream world. I never daydreamed before. But After seeing that girl, I just went into dreams.

I am Ronak Shah, second year, D2D (Diploma to Degree) student. It was my first day at engineering college. I and my best friend Samarth were too excited because we had heard a lot about this college. Hot girls, really cool campus, awesome canteen and rocking functions, it was a college that we wanted to be in. We had decided since our diploma times that whatever happens we will take admission in this college only. And finally that day arrived; we both were wandering in college and suddenly I saw a girl and everything just stopped. I forgot almost everything, including my name. I was mesmerized with her presence. She looked like a fairy to me. I felt that my travel to this world is finished because I was watching my destination. I always hated the love at first sight scenes in Bollywood movies. I always thought that they are overreacting. But after seeing that girl, I was feeling like a Bollywood hero who just stands like an idiot in crowd after seeing his dream girl and freezes like a Dumbo. Everything went into slow motion; I couldn’t hear anything except guitar tune playing “Pehla Nasha”. But Samarth’s one sentence made me to be come back from my daydream.

“May we come in Mam?” Samarth asked. We were 10 minutes late for our first lecture of degree engineering. Mam looked at us as if she would kill us both at the same moment. “Come in” Mam said with a furious voice. “How we can expect the student to do well, if they come late at the first day?”. Mam started taunting and I was like, what the hell! Being a little late is not a crime. We didn’t hijack a plane or hacked a website! She was overreacting as if we were criminals. Between these fuming thoughts suddenly a thought poked me that why am I wasting my time on thinking about this jailer like ma’am; let me concentrate on that girl from campus and my mind drove into her thoughts. I went into flashback and stopped at her. And there she was again. With a simple Kurti, some bangles on one hand, simple narrow jeans, awesome skin colour, thin body and perfect height. She was laughing and at the second moment she got angry on her friend, and then again cutely smiled. She was looking super cute in all expressions. Her dimples were driving me crazy. I thought I am going through the very famous love at first sight situation. ”Ronak man, you have to do something about her. She is your dream girl. Go and get her.” My heart spoke.

On middle of that lecture, I talked to Samarth about that girl. “Whattttt??!?” He shouted. “Shhhhh, We will be killed. Can’t you make it a little slow?” I told him. Mam was looking at both of us, angrily. I thought, we were about to be kicked out of the class on the very first day but, ma’am didn’t do it (Thankfully). “You started it on very first day. Dude, Shame on you.” Samarth wasn’t so ok with it. “You are reacting like I have done a crime. Chillax man! Anyway, help me to get her name and number, you know so many people here. Please” “Oh! I am not running a college matrimonial”. “Dude please” I literally begged. “Oh Romeo ki sixth Aulaad! Stop being Despo, I will try. But let me see that girl first”.

In our break time we went downstairs and I saw her again. ”Here she is, standing near that tree having books in her hand. Yar, she is really beautiful. I think I have fallen in love.” I kept on saying without caring whether Samarth was listening or not. “Ohk love seeking puppy, give me two days. I will give you all details.”

Those two days were like two months for me. Her first look was coming in my mind at every second. I reminded Samarth about the girl like 10 times in a day. He was pissed off at me. “Now if you will utter a word about that girl, I will kill you”. The second day was about to end when Samarth called me. “Listen buddy, I got all information about her. Her name is Aanamika. She in second year, IT. But the bad news is, she is already in a relationship.” As he uttered his last words, I disconnected the call. I felt terrible. I was about to cry, but I controlled. I felt like a looser. That night was a horrible one. I couldn’t sleep until 4 am.

I went into depression for days. I was feeling like I was living for nothing. Samarth understood my situation and told me “Bhai, it happens, it was only the first day, and there are many single girls better than her. I have found another one for you. Let’s check her out.” “No one can be like her yaar, she is the only one!” I told him with a sad face. “C’mon man, Come for me!” and he dragged me to the canteen, “See that girl over there.” and he pointed at the girl. She was wearing green t-shirt and blue jeans. She was white and thin, a smart person to whom one can easily get attracted. I was continuously looking at her, and again everything went into slow motion.

It’s not like Rohan was a bad guy who hit on every girl he likes. It’s just that sometimes we believe that we have fallen in love, but in reality it’s nothing more than a crush or an attraction and that’s what happened with Rohan. He felt that he is not going to forget Aanamika. But After few days, he felt an attraction for another girl. Sometimes a person makes his feelings so loud that he thinks that it’s more than attraction, but in reality it’s a simple crush. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to everyone, but at least you should identify the difference between attraction and love. So leave out your feelings but don’t make it too loud that you can’t hear the real voice of your heart and about love at first sight?? Think again!!

Urvi Sheth

Urvi is pursuing Computer Engineering from Surat; but her area of interest doesn't match with it. She loves photography, writing, singing and dancing. "My motto in life is to make people smile." she says.