Numbers Matter

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Before a month in Kolkata, about 200 passengers were evacuated after a South bound Kolkata metro train was stuck in a tunnel for over one and a half hours. Technical glitch was said to be the reason behind the breakdown.

Metro was Non-AC and there wasn’t even a facility of water inside the coaches. Because of this, so many passengers felt unconscious. More on, this metro was stuck very badly inside the tunnel so the passengers were not even able to open the door and come out of it.

After almost an hour, rescue team and some locals came there to rescue the passengers. By breaking doors of metro they carried out all the passengers and quickly provided them medical treatment. Thankfully all the passengers were evacuated safely and nobody was reported sick. This is very fresh incident. It happened on 23rd of June. But only few people are aware about it.

Today, in the era of technology, even a small non sensible controversy can become viral with the help of electronic and Social media. People start trending this kind of news on internet but surprisingly on that day no news channel paid attention to this incident. Even there wasn’t any trending Twitter hasthag for this incident. Moreover, print media did the same. They also didn’t made this incident their headlines.

The question here is why? Why no one paid any attention to this incident? Don’t they care? The answer here is they do care but the reason was that the death rate in the metro incident was 0%. This kind of incident would have became talk of the town if some people have died in it. Numbers matter to make this kind of incident a big news.

This scenario doesn’t only apply on medias. Our mindsets too are same. For example if we talk about any terrorist attack in India only few attacks like 1993 Mumbai blast or 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack will come in our mind. Correct? Why? Why do we only talk about these two or three attacks? Because maximum number of people died during these attacks.

First terrorist attack in India took place on August 2,1984 in Meenambakkam. 30 people died in that attack. Between August 2,1984 and May 1,2014 there were total of 57 terrorist attacks that took place in India and as per government records 1857 people died and 3027 people were injured in these attacks.

Half of the Indians think that after 26/11 attack in Mumbai we have not had any terrorist attack on our country. But in reality, after 26/11 we have had total 17 terrorist attacks in different parts of our country. But we only remember 26/11 attack because total 171 people died and more than 250 people were injured in it whereas in those 17 attacks after 26/11, 139 people died. This number is less than the 26/11 attack so it is fair that we don’t remember any of these attacks. Also there are few attacks in which only one or two people died. We don’t even consider it as a terrorist attack. Last and latest attack took place on May 1, 2014 in a Chennai train, where only a man died so the attack was not important for us.

It’s all about Numbers. We don’t care about lives. At the end numbers matter.

Varun Trivedi

Entrepreneur, pursuing degree in Computers, Music addict, Sports and Movie lover, Passionate about writing, political issues inspires him a lot to write, Believe in spreading laughter, admire truth rather than fiction.