[Video] Deepika’s Cleavage Show by Times of Media

A lot has been spoken about Deepika Padukone‘s cleavage lately. It could have been forgotten if she hasn’t spoken about it. What Times of India did with it’s video and tweet was just unbearable but the good thing is that Deepika stood up against so called leading Indian media house.

Whoever made that video of Deepika Padukone and the journalist who allowed it to publicize should be banned. Many journalists are defending this shameful act of TOI by stating that this is their job and this is what the youth of our country wants to read. Yes, only thing Indian youth want to see is cleavage. You’ll get to know more after watching this satire video made by Ahmedabad based film maker Rihaan Patel. Watch it and share your views.

Watch Deepika’s Cleavage Show by Times of Media

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