A letter to my Dearest Future Husband!

A letter to my Dearest Future Husband!

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Dear Husband,

When I am writing this, trust me, I feel butterflies, um, no I feel whole zoo inside me. Exactly, like any other girl, I too have a few dreams regarding marriage. I have been daydreaming about my marriage since I was 9 and the idea of my own marriage gives me goosebumps. How prodigious it feels to become hooked up with. I know I may sound a little dizzy, but yes, I am a girl and girls have full right to dream about their wedding.

Ours would be an arranged marriage and that’s what makes me feel so special about you. Because to fall in love with someone by knowing all their odds yet respecting and accepting them with all the negative things, it requires an immense courage and I think this is why I respect the thought of an arranged marriage very much.

I hold thus many things back in my mind and I want to share a few. All girls dream to have their prince charming come on a white horse since decade and decade, but since we live in a less more advanced era I have dreamed you to come in the white colored royal car. (White is NEW royal, I tell you!)

Since always I am confused If I look good in Indians or in western outfits. I want you to end my confusion. I have made so many mistakes and sometimes I feel so guilty, but I want you to tell me it is ok to make mistakes because I am also a human. I may not be the most beautiful, but I want you to call me sometimes and make me feel like. I cook well, but I want you to cook for me someday and I own a full surety that you will cook fantastic. Someday I also want you to help me in cooking when I am preparing a special dish for you, because we are not just partners in happiness and crime. We have to make this partnership work in every manner, right?

I want to enjoy a movie date with you on a Saturday night in our little home, watching a movie in our own drawing room on a black colored couch in an over sized T-shirts and pajamas, what fun in watching movies in multiples? How awesome it would be on a lazy Sunday evening, doing nothing and just  to drink a ginger-mint tea in a balcony of our small yet much heavenly home.

I am so talkative but I am a good listener too, someday I just want you to speak your heart away and pour your  feelings and All I want to do is  just to hear you just by looking at you, without an eye blink.

I hate sports. I can never be a good spectator even but If you’re a good person I can cheer for you. I have aspects that I can change just to induce a life a little more beautiful.To change my lifestyle a little bit for you would never be a big deal for me if you are willing to help me in each possible way.

How if we dream about our future together? Making insanely amazing plans almost about everything? I want to travel a world with you and count those twinkling stars in a full moon night. I want to write a love story about us, not for others but just for us and I want you to read that someday when we are growing old together,so that we can cherish the moments lifelong. I want you to be my dream, to I wake up with every day.

I can’t wait to cook for you and a pick a good shirt for you and tie a tie perfectly in your neck. I can’t wait to help you in your future plans. I can’t wait to entertain you with my not so good dancing skills. I can not wait to make you my life in my life. I have endless stories to share and I am waiting for that day when I will be actually meeting you.

Your future wife!

Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.