Ahmedabad’s biggest event of the year is here!

It is here. Ahmedabad Youth to business Forum 2014. Ahmedabad’s biggest event of the year for the youth and by the youth, powered by AIESEC in Ahmedabad is here. Here you get an insight of the social things pertaining in the current world scenario. Save it , mark it , stick it, carve it- 1st November at IIM- Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Youth To Business Forum is an event which brings top young innovators, business minds and thought leaders from across the country for a day – long conversation around pressing global issues to generate new, but most importantly, actionable ideas to create a better future.

The Forum aims at engaging students irrespective of the field of their study with the ground realities of the business scenario in the country. Parallel to this, we give the business minds of today an opportunity to interact with the youth and get to know what they feel and how they perceive it.

The theme of this year’s Youth to Business Forum is THE CHALLENGE OF THE CHANGE – The Constant pressure to do more, do faster, keep up!

We at AIESEC, have utmost respect to ‘change'(in all/any form) and we believe that ‘change’ can drive a growth mindset in individuals and organizations. The challenge of adapting to ‘change’ pushed the very fabric of human civilization and inspired creativity and fostered constructive evolution. We, at AIESEC through the Ahmedabad Youth to business forum, wish to facilitate discussion on how to adapt to change at an individual and organizational level.

Ahmedabad Youth to Business Forum 2014 will witness 500+ delegates from 20+ colleges across Ahmedabad.

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