Movie Review: Annabelle

Annabelle Movie Review

Annabelle, This year’s one of the most anticipated movies; released this weekend in India. Sinceits first look was released it was creating a buzz. Annabelle is the story of a demonic doll with same name, which is also a part of decade’s most horror film, The Conjuring. The base plot of the film is how Annabelle, the doll has been used as conduits of evil.

As it’s the spinoff of The Conjuring it’s obvious to expect a high end horror film. Even the film begins with the same opening scene from The Conjuring, in which two young women and a young man are telling Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experiences with Annabelle. And the story begins.

I’m not going into the plot and storyline much but giving review of this film is very simple, it’s a cliché Hollywood horror flick. Everything we see in almost two hours is something we’ve seen already in dozens of horror films. The so called scary rocking chair, some dolls, musical crib toys, and plenty of other things.

The sequence and plot is very predictable. Half of the audience was predicting the next scene and it was actually happening. There were only few countable scenes which were scary, but again we’ve seen it somewhere. The characters and their roles are also easily predictable. Also, the cinematography and direction of the film is not effective.

In a horror film sound and background score must be influencing but again here in Annabelle it’s not at all effective. It fails to build that scary atmosphere and has no impact on viewers. Some of the background scores are same as in The Conjuring.

In an all the movie fails to create the scary impact on its viewers in every aspect. It’s better to watch The Conjuring again and again, and trust me still it will give you Goosebumps. The trailer of “Sex Tape” featuring Cameroon Diaz in the interval is more interesting and entertaining than the actual movie.


Annabelle is simply a one time watch; watch it once and forget it. Don’t put your expectations high or else you’ll end up with disappointment. We are going for 2.5 Bits out of 5 for this so called horror movie.

Aditya Mehta
Aditya Mehta is young artist and a big Aishwarya Rai fan. He holds baccalaureate in computer engineering and aspires to become a Couturier. Currently he's studying art at Ahmedabad. He loves reading novels and is a Selfie Addict.