Movie Review: Haider

Cast: Shahid kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon, Shraddha Kapoor, Irfaan, Narendra Jha

Haider is director Vishal bharadwaj’s third Shakespeare adaption and its adapted from his longest play “Hamlet”. Haider is one of those rare films which will keep you on the edge even after you leave the theatre. Vishal Bharadwaj doses total justice to the film and the location are so chilling and mind-blowing that they take a bow from me, the film is shot fully in Kashmir and Kashmir itself is a character and this is the most powerful thing in the movie itself, the film is shot in those rare locations which were totally untouched by any film till date, also special mention to the background of the film which is so intense that you will just get dazzled by it.

Haider is a story of a son who returns to his home land Kashmir to find his father (Narendra Jha) who was taken into custody by the Indian army because he helped a militant and from here the film begins and “Haider” is played superbly by Shahid Kapoor and it is one of the most challenging role of his life and he simply excelled in it. In the starting, he looks out of touch but in just 20 min he gets into his groove and he is terrific. The film is full of talented actors another such actor is Kay Kay Menon who plays the role of “Khurram” who is haider’s uncle and who is in love with Haider’s mother Gazala played by Tabu Tabu is in terrific form; she expresses with her eyes and she has the most beautifully written role and she gets into the skin of Gazala with such an ease that this role can never be imagined without her, same goes for Shraddha Kapoor who has done a very good job with the small role and the cameo by Irfaan as “Roohdar” is terrific, when he walks in we feel like a ghost has walked in and every word he says is like a live wire but the movie belongs to the due of mother-son that is Tabu and Shahid kapoor.


I have been a fan of Hamlet since school and Haider simply gives Helmet a new life and its one of the best films to come out this year. I am going with 4.5 Bits out of 5 for haider, to be or not to be but don’t miss haider as he says “Zinda the to jiye nahi aur marke bhi to bache nahi”!

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