Sushant Divgikar or Soni Singh evicted from Bigg Boss on fifth week

Soni Singh or Sushant Divgikar will get evicted from Bigg Boss on fifth week!

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Last week we predicted that either Soni Singh or Natasha Stankovic will leave Bigg Boss and Natasha got evicted from the show. This week we are back with the prediction yet again. This time seven contestants are nominated for the eviction. They are Gautam Gulati, Minissha Lamba, Pritam Singh, Sushant Divgikar, Sonali Raut, Soni Singh and Diandra Soares. Four contestants Minissha, Sonali, Soni and Gautam are nominated through voting of co-contestants whereas Sushant, Pritam and Diandra were nominated last week during tasks.

This time from all nominated contestants only Soni Singh is the weakest contestant and can get evicted this week. Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh are adding spice to the show. Minishha Lamba is one of the strongest contestants of this season. Diandra has always been talk of the show and has survived one eviction so she is safe this time. Sonali has survived many evictions and she is giving masala to the show. Sushant Divgikar is also giving content to the show.

So now from all nominated contestants only Soni Singh has brighter chance to get evicted from the show in fifth week. But wait! Here comes the twist.


We have seen many good contestants getting evicted from the show this season. Sukirti and Natasha were good contestants who got evicted and Deepshikha which we were expecting to see in the finale got evicted in the third week. So if this trend will go on; Sushant Divgikar can get evicted from the show too! We all know, viewers love to see him inside. All co-contestants love him too. But as Salman said in the beginning of the show; Twists Honge Zabardast and as we have witnessed them, Sushant can get evicted too. If he will get evicted; it will be one of the biggest shock for all viewers and co-contestants too. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Soni Singh (60%)
  2. Sushant Divgikar (40%)
  3. Diandra Soares (0%)
  4. Pritam Singh (0%)
  5. Gautam Gulati (0%)
  6. Sonali Raut (0%)
  7. Minissha Lamba (0%)

(% indicates chances of getting evicted from the show.)

Past Predictions

Week Our Prediction Eviction Remark
2 Sukirti Kandpal Sukirti Kandpal Correct
3 Pritam Singh Deepshikha Incorrect
4 Soni Singh and Natasha Stankovic Natasha Stankovic Correct
5 Soni Singh and Sushant Divgikar Soni Singh Correct

So according to us, either Soni Singh or Sushant Divgikar will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 5th week and will be seen leaving the house on 25 or 26 October’s episode. Let’s wait for Weekend Ka War to know if our prediction comes out to be true. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for all exclusive insights from Bigg Boss and more.

Soni Singh is evicted from Bigg Boss 8

Soni Singh is evicted from the show and will be seen leaving the house on today’s episode (Saturday – 25th October 2014) according to our source. If the source is to be believed, our three out of four predictions will be correct. Let’s wait for tonight to know the final verdict.

[Updated on 25 October 2014 – 6:10 PM]

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