Soni Singh will get evicted from Bigg Boss today!

Soni Singh will get evicted from Bigg Boss today

Here comes Saturday. Saturdays are always exciting for all Bigg Boss fans. Today one contestant will get evicted from the show. We have been predicting evictions of contestants from Bigg Boss from past few seasons of the show. This seasons we predicted Sukirti’s eviction on second week and she got evicted. Prediction of last week’s eviction didn’t come true though. We predicted RJ Pritam Singh’s eviction but to everyone (including Salman Khan)’s wonder; one of the strongest contestants of the show Deepshikha got evicted last week. Well, let’s forget it and come to this week’s prediction.

This week nominated contestants for the eviction are Punit Issar, Natasha Stankovic, Gautam Gulati, Minissha Lamba, Pritam Singh, Arya Babbar, Karishma Tanna, Soni Singh and Diandra Soares. All contestant except Arya Babbar was nominated by housemates through voting. Arya Babbar was nominated by Bigg Boss last week. So now today on fourth week of Bigg Boss; we think Soni Singh will get evicted from the house. Read on to know how.

This time highest contestants are nominated for the eviction. And from all nominated contestants only Soni Singh and Natasha Stankovic are weaker and can get evicted. Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh and Punit Issar; the three musketeers are adding spice to the show. Minishha Lamba and Karishma Tanna are among the strongest contestants of this season. Arya Babbar according to us will also make it to the finale. Diandra Soares is a week contestant but she is adding fun to the show.

So now from all nominated contestants only Soni Singh and Natasha Stankovic can get evicted from the show this week. And from these two I see higher chances of Soni Singh as she has always been a week contestant but is nominated for the first time. Whereas Natasha has survived one nomination before in the show. So it’s Soni Singh who might leave Bigg Boss on 18th October 2014’s episode. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Soni Singh (50%)
  2. Natasha Stankovic (40%)
  3. Diandra Soares (10%)
  4. Pritam Singh (0%)
  5. Gautam Gulati (0%)
  6. Punit Issar (0%)
  7. Arya Babbar (0%)
  8. Karishma Tanna (0%)
  9. Minissha Lamba (0%)

(% indicates chances of getting evicted from the show.)

So according to us; Soni Singh will leave Bigg Boss on fourth week of the show and will be seen leaving the house on either 18th or 19th October’s eviction episode. Our second choice for eviction would be Natasha Stankovic. Let’s wait for Weekend Ka War to know if our prediction comes out to be true or not! Stay tuned to BuddyBits for all exclusive insights from Bigg Boss and more.


Natasha Stankovic, according to our second choice of eviction prediction is evicted from the show. She seen leaving the house on 19th October 2014’s episode. Natasha is eliminated from Bigg Boss as she wasn’t giving spice to the show.

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  1. Soni was announced safe yesterday. The contestants who remain nominated are Karishma, Minissha, Aarya and Natasa. The eviction will be announced today.

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