Sukirti Kandpal will leave Bigg Boss 8 today!

Sukirti Kandpal Eviction Bigg Boss 4 October 2014

Like always, we are back with our prediction of Bigg Boss eviction. Today is a Saturday and one of the contestants of the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss will get evicted from the show. This week, three contestants are nominated for the eviction; Gautam Gulati, Praneet Bhatt and Sukirti Kandpal.

Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt are nominated by┬ávoting of house-mates and Sukirti Kandpal is nominated by Sonali Raut, who used Big Bomb last week to┬ásent Sukirti directly to nominations. So from Gautam Gulati, Praneet Bhatt and Sukirti Kandpal, without a doubt I can say that Sukirti Kandpal will leave Bigg Boss’s house in second week’s eviction episode.

Gautam Gulati, a TV soap actor is a manipulative contestant and has potential to give spice to the show. Praneet Bhatt, as we all know is the most popular television actor known for his role of Shakuni in Mahabharat and is a strong contestant and is providing entertainment and masala to the show. So Gautam and Praneet are safe from 2nd week’s eviction. Sukirti on the other hand is very sweet, calm and happy-go-lucky contestant. But this is Bigg Boss, cuteness doesn’t work in here. The show wants some action. So Sukirti is the weakest contestant from all three nominated contestants and will say good bye to Bigg Boss 8 tonight.

If I would have to select second contestant who can leave the show after Sukirti, I would select Gautam. Praneet is definitely safe and can even make to the finale of the show. Check out eviction ratio of 2nd week’s eviction of Bigg Boss 8.

  1. Sukirti Kandpal (70%)
  2. Gautam Gulati (30%)
  3. Praneet Bhatt (0%)

So Sukirti will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 4th October 2014’s eviction episode according to our prediction. Let’s wait till tonight to see if our prediction is accurate or not. Stay tuned to for exclusive insights from Bigg Boss 8 and more.

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  1. Bullshit!!!
    sukirti is not going anywhere who is going to leave the house is praneet!
    and sukirti is the best contestant in big boss 8!
    love u sukirti!<3

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