Who will get eliminated on sixth week of Bigg Boss?

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Exclusive: Minissha Lamba gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 8!

Last week, we predicted Soni Singh’s eviction from Bigg Boss and she got evicted from the show. We have been doing eviction prediction since second week of the show of season 8. And out of 4 predictions, 3 have came out to be true. This week, it’s gonna be quite difficult and one of the toughest predictions I have done so far; as all five nominated contestants are very strong. Nominated contestants this week are Punit Issar, Gautam Gulati, Minissha Lamba, Sonali Raut and Praneet Bhatt. Punit, Gautam and Minissha were nominated through voting of co-contestants and Sonali and Praneet were nominated by special power given to the captain Ali Quli. One of these five contestants will get eliminated from the show on 2nd November 2014 after surviving six weeks in the house.

All five nominated contestants are very strong. Let’s look at this objectively. Strongest among all nominated contestants is Gautam Gulati as he is giving very good content and he has survived more than 4 nominations. So he is definitely safe this week. Sonali Raut is also giving very good content to the show. Gautam and her chemistry on the show is talk of the town. Praneet Bhatt is also among the strongest contestants of the show and he is a potential finalist of this season.

Punit Issar has given very good content to the show so far. He is one of the most negative contestants of this season. But if we look at the history of the show, no aged contestant has survived more than 4 weeks. Punit Issar is exception in all 8 seasons. Minissha is the most popular contestant of the show but she isn’t giving content to the show since past two weeks. She was active for first 3 weeks though. As Minissha is only bollywood girl with many hit movies to her credit, her eviction chances are quite lesser.

So who is leaving the show this week?

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Praneet Bhatt, Punit Issar and Gautam Gulati are definitely safe this week!

Praneet Bhatt is a popular face. He has been giving content to the show and one of the potential finalists of the show. And he was one of the most seen contestants this week. So his chances of getting evicted this week is pretty less.

In spite of being an aged contestant; due to his dominating nature Punit Issar has survived longest comparing to all senior contestants of previous seasons. He is giving content to the show. So he is not getting evicted this week.

Gautam is the content king of BB8. Whether people like him in the show or not; he is gonna stay. He is feeding to TRP of the show after all. He is not gonna evicted this week.

Sonali Raut or Minissha Lamba can get evicted this week.

Sonali Raut has been footage queen for past few week in the show. But she hasn’t snapped enough footage this week. This week she has given least content comparing to previous weeks so she has highest chances of getting evicted from the show.

Minissha Lamba is the most popular face this season; but she was calm for several weeks on the show. She has managed to get footage this week though. So she is second in my prediction list. So according to me either Sonali or Minissha will leave Bigg Boss this weekend.

Now have a look at our eviction ratio.

  1. Sonali Raut (60%)
  2. Minissha Lamba (40%)
  3. Punit Issar (0%)
  4. Praneet Bhatt (0%)
  5. Gautam Gulati (0%)

(% indicates chances of getting evicted from the show.)

So according to me either Sonali Raut or Minissha Lamba will get evicted from the show on 6th week and will be seen leaving the house on 2nd November’s eviction episode. Let’s wait for Weekend Ka War to know if our prediction comes out to be true or not. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

Past Predictions

Week Our Prediction Eviction Remark
2 Sukirti Kandpal Sukirti Kandpal Correct
3 Pritam Singh Deepshikha Incorrect
4 Soni Singh and Natasha Stankovic Natasha Stankovic Correct
5 Soni Singh and Sushant Givgikar Soni Singh Correct
6 Sonali Raut and Minissha Lamba Minissha Lamba Correct

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