Ali Quli Mirza again tries to escape from Bigg Boss House!

Ali Quli Mirza Again Tries to Quit Bigg Boss

Ali Quli Mirza, a contestant of the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss tried to escape from Bigg Boss’s house two days back after getting slapped from a co-contestant Sonali Raut. All housemates ganged up against Ali for issues happened in past on instigating of contestant Puneet Issar.

After he tried to climb the wall of the house to escape from the show, Bigg Boss called him in the confession room and convinced him not to leave. Ali was kept in a separate room for a day and then made a comeback in the house in yesterday’s episode. Ali was quite upset with the fact that all made fun of him when he was leaving even after the fact that he got slapped on national television. Ali thought he would convince few contestants to believe him after entering in the house again.

He tried to put his point in front of Upen Patel, Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares. And later made attempts to convince contestants Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Mahajan. But after all his attempts he failed. In today (29 November 2014)’s episode Ali again tries to climb the wall of the house to escape from the house. We don’t know what made him do so again and we don’t even know if he has quit the show or not.

But we think he will quit the show this time. We are not sure though. Contestant who voluntarily quits the show is bound to pay Rs 50 lakh as a penalty according to the contract they sign. So if Ali has left the show, he will either have to pay the whopping amount of penalty or he will have to return in the show just like Kushal Tondon and Gauhar Khan in last season of the show. Let’s wait for today’s episode to know more. Follow BuddyBits on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.