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In Conversation with Upcoming Bollywood Champ, Gaurav Paswala

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Having done more than 50 TV commercials, more than 10 TV serials, this champ from Surat city is now wooing audience on the big screens with his Hindi horror thriller 6-5=2. Gaurav Paswala, born and brought up in Surat city shares bits from his life with the readers of BuddyBits. Have a look at our conversation with this upcoming bollywood champ.

BB: Tell us about your early days of life.

Gaurav: I am born in Surat city. I completed my schooling in various schools of Surat including Shardayatan and TNTV. I studied bachelor of business administration (BBA) in SPB college then I went to Austrelia for further studies. I studied professional accounting in Sidney. I did job for one year after completing my studies.

BB: So how did you get into acting?

Gaurav: Acting to pehle se hi karni thi. But I am basically from a middle class family. Family asked me to complete studies. I didn’t have that background. I didn’t have any connection. But I always wanted to do acting. So, after doing job for a year in Australia, I thought to give a chance to my dream of acting. I came back to India and landed in Mumbai.

First six months in Mumbai was a horrible experience! I lived in a PG with 12 room mates. Water was leaking from everywhere in the house. Surrounding was very unhygienic. I was having problem in communication too. How would a guy who has lived in Australia can manage to live in such place? Those days were really tough ones. I did Hindi theatres for around two years. That was the starting point of my career as an actor.

BB: So that was turning point of your life. Right?

Gaurav: No. It was not. After doing theatres, I again went to Australia for some work. And my good friend suggested me to join radio. I went to Indian Link radio station (only Hindi radio station of Australia) and auditioned. I got selected as an RJ and worked there for 10 months. That was turning point of my life. That’s when I realised I belong to this industry. I belong to entertainment. And after that I never looked back.

BB: So how did you got into main stream acting?

Gaurav: In 2011, I auditioned for many TV commercials. For each TV ad you have to wait in a queue for like 2 hours before audition as they screen so many people for a single role. For each ad around fifteen hundred people audition; and one out of them gets selected. Chances of getting selected are really very low.

I got many ads. Tata DOCOMO’s TV ad boosted up my career. Since then, I started getting many TVCs. I did ad with Anushka Sharma for Canon. My 7UP ad got very popular. I done more than 50 TVCs and still doing it.

Video: Gaurav in Big Bazar TVC

After this, I started auditioning for daily soaps. I worked in more than ten TV serials. Mrs Tendulkar, RK Lakshman Ki Duniya, Ek Dusre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum, Gumraah, Confession of a teenager and MTV Bachelor Pad are few of them.

BB: So how did you got the big break?

Gaurav: It’s actually a very surprising story. After gym, one day I bumped into a good friend. On our way to have food, he took me to a movie’s audition. He was going to audition for that movie. I went along with him. He was auditioning, I was waiting outside the studio. After sometime I went inside to see what’s going on. I met a guy there and I asked if I can audition. He yes. I auditioned.

After 15 days I got a call. Call from the director of 6-5=2. He said I am selected, for a lead role in his movie! I was shocked.

BB: When did you start shooting?

Gaurav: I auditioned in late January’14. After few days we started shooting. We all six leads were called to Banglore. We went there. We were given scripts; we had to study them together. Director asked us to spend time together, so that we can bond. And that worked for the best. We completed shooting of entire movie in just 40 days.

BB: It has released on 14th November. What is the feedback so far?

Gaurav: We got very surprising feedback actually. People are loving it. I went to see my movie in a multiplex in Surat. People were cheering during entire movie. Audience has given us a very good feedback. I would like to request all BuddyBits readers to watch 6-5=2 at least once. It’s a hatke movie. A very realistic horror thriller.

Gaurav Paswala
Gaurav Paswala

BB: What is next?

Gaurav: My parents want to see me in TV serials. Typical saas-bahu serials. I am giving auditions for the same. But I am quite young for their roles.

I want to shape my acting. I want to do movies. I want to do theatres.

BB: What is your ideal kind of movie?

Gaurav: I want to do those movie; which are appreciated even after ten years of release. Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa are kind of movies, I see myself in.

BB: What advice would you like to give to our readers who want to make career in acting?

Gaurav: I have seen people aspiring to be an actor because of glamour. It should not be about glamour. You are not gonna get selected only for your good look. Come, join this industry for the art and craft. Come if you are passionate about acting or want to grow your acting skills. People aspiring to become an actor should have good reading and writing habits.

I would recommend newcomers to do theatre first. Theatres polish your acting skills, your communication skills. You are not gonna get a movie directly unless you have strings in the industry. You must work hard to get there. It’s a step by step process. You shouldn’t hesitate to act in anything. Be it a TVC, a daily soap or anything else as soon as it is teaching you something.

Well, thank you so much Gaurav for sharing tips with our readers. We wish you all the best for your bright future. And readers, stay tuned to BuddyBits for more such interesting interviews and bits from lives of awesome people in India. We are concluding this interview with a rapid fire round with Gaurav. If you have any questions for Gaurav Paswala, ask in comments. We will get answers for you.

Rapid Fire with Gaurav Paswala

Favourite Movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
Favourite Actor Johny Depp, Shahrukh Khan
Favourite Actress Meryl Streep, Kajol
Favourite Cuisine Thai
Favourite Music Sufi songs (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s music)
Favourite City Surat of course! (laughs) and Sidney

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