How to get more followers on Twitter

How to get more followers on Twitter?

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Twitter, microblogging site is really interesting if you spend some time twitting with other Twitterattis (Twitter users). And I believe Twitterattis are the most creative social media users among all other social media users. All trends we see on social media start on Twitter. I am gonna share some tips to get more followers to your twitter account today. I will start from the scratch; I will tell you how can you become a twitter celebrity from the start. Go ahead and read tips to get famous on Twitter.

1. Follow people and accounts of your interest!

As soon as you will make your account on Twitter you will be given suggestion whom to follow by twitter. In those suggestions; you will generally get accounts of celebrities and leading websites/ news channels. Follow people and accounts of your interest.

2. Follow your friends

Connect your Twitter account with your Facebook account and Twitter will show you Twitter accounts of your Facebook friends. Follow your Facebook friends on Twitter. Most of them will follow you back because they know you from Facebook.

3. Share your thoughts

Just like other social media; share your thoughts through Tweets here. You will only be given 140 characters to share your thoughts. Tweet your thoughts on Twitter to increase engagement.

4. Mention your friends

Mention your friends with your tweets to start a conversation and to get comments on your thoughts. Now when you will mention them and they will reply, all their friends will see your tweet too! So if you are sharing thoughts which your friend’s friends like; they will follow you.

5. Use #Hashtags

Now it’s time to tell the world that you are on Twitter. When you share something with Hashtag, people around the world (who are following that hashtag) can read your tweet. So now if they like your tweets; they will instantly follow you.

Posting hashtag is the most effective way to get increase your followers.

6. Check trends

Like Facebook trends, Twitter also shows on going trends. (It is actually Facebook who copied trends from Twitter.) You will see trends on left sidebar of your Twitter feed. Click on your favourite trend and start tweeting your views on it using the trend hashtag. For example, if elections are going on #Elections2014 will be trending on Twitter. Click on the trend and start tweeting your views on #Election2014!

Follow trends. Start conversation with Twitterattis tweeting on particular trends. And if they will like your replies; they will follow you back.

7. Retweet and favourite tweets you like

Retweet and favourite tweets you like from other Twitterattis. They might start following you.

8. Have an opinion

This is very important point. To have your stand or a strong opinion on Twitter is the most important thing. If your views will stand out from the rest; your chances of getting followers will increase.

9. Post humorous and creative tweets

If your tweets are funny or creative, your chances of getting famous on Twitter will increase. People admire such tweets. Twitterratis retweet such tweets very often. So if your tweets are crazy and unique, you will get so many followers to your twitter account.

10. Get instant fame!

This one is a risky one. Mention some celebrity and ask for their views on something. If they reply to your tweet, bam! You got instant fame. Thousands of followers of that celebrity will now see your tweet. This one is not a sure shot because 99.99% of the time they don’t reply to your tweets, unless you are a famous Twitteratti.

So today I shared 10 simple tricks to add more followers on your Twitter account. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for more such awesome tricks and tips.

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