Minissha Lamba gets evicted from Bigg Boss 8 on week 6

All nominated contestants this week were strong. Puneet Issar, Gautam Gulati, Minissha Lamba, Sonali Raut and Praneet Bhatt were nominated for eviction on sixth week of the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss. We have been prediction eviction of Bigg Boss since last few seasons. Prediction of this week’s eviction was a toughest one for us. We predicted Minissha Lamba’s eviction alongside of Sonali Raut. And according to our sources, Minissha is evicted from the show.

Salman Khan yesterday on Weekend Ka War announced Gautam Gulati safe from the eviction. And at the end; he introduced a twist. Salman said not one; two contestants will get evicted this week. And he announced names of those contestants; Puneet Issar and Minissha Lamba. Puneet and Minissha left the house yesterday; with a shock to viewers and co-contestants. But here comes the twist! Puneet and Minissha sent to a secret room in yesterday’s episode.

Punit Issar and Minissha Lamba in Secret Room
Puneet Issar and Minissha Lamba in Secret Room

So now; they both are in the secret room and one of them will be seen leaving the house today on the show. According to our sources; Minissha Lamba is evicted from the show. She will be seen leaving the show today. Puneet will be kept in the secret room for few days and will enter in the house after sometime.

Minissha Lamba was the most popular contestant in 8th season of the show. She is the only bollywood girl with more than 10 movies to her credit. Minissha maintain her calm and composed nature in the house and that is the reason she got evicted from Bigg Boss.

This is the first elimination twist of this season. If the sources are true; and if Minissha Lamba is evicted from the show, Puneet Issar becomes first contestant to goto the secret room this season.

According to me; if Punit is kept in the secret room for sometime; viewers and co-contestants are going to see more drama when he will enter in the house. Let’s wait for tonight’s episode to know if this is true or not!