Puneet Issar’s eviction from Bigg Boss was just a TRP gimmick!

Puneet Issar is one of the contestants of eight season of the most popular and controversial Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss. Puneet, 54 year old actor, mostly known for his role of Duryodhan in Mahabharat was shown door of the house for violence on co-contestant Arya Babbar yesterday. He was seen leaving the house in 4th November’s episode. But wait; that wasn’t real. It was just a TRP gimmick. Want to know why? Read on.

Puneet has potrayed such an extreme behaviour at times in the show making it difficult to understand which is his real face. He sometimes acts like a mature man, a fatherly figure and the other times he is seen gossiping, bitching about contestants and even using his strength on housemates in the house. Puneet has badmouthed co-contestants Karishma Tanna, Deepshikha and Minissha Lamba. He used his strength to lift Gautam Gulati last week during a task. And was seen getting violent today on Arya Babbar and also attacked on Praneet Bhatt in the same episode after few minutes of attacking on Arya.

Puneet Issar attacked on Arya Babbar in Bigg Boss during task
Puneet Issar attacking on Arya Babbar in Bigg Boss

In a sneak peak of 5 November’s episode, they showed Puneet Issar apologizing to housemates for getting physically violent in the house. And they gave a hint of Puneet Issar’s return in the show. And probably he might enter in the show again. Isn’t it just a TRP gimmick? We all know; 8th season of the show is quite boring; contestants and tasks of this season are not at all interesting. The show has failed to hold fans this season unlike previous seasons. And Puneet Issar’s eviction was a proof that the show’s TRP is not picking up and they needed a gimmick to make it interesting.

Also in previous seasons we have seen many contestants getting evicted for violating rules and their coming backs. Kushal Tandon, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Misrra, Imam Siddique and Kamal R Khan are among those contestants who was evicted from the house for violating rules and later made return in the show.

So Puneet Issar too might return on the show. It’s Bigg Boss; we can’t judge. After all, it’s all about TRP at the end. He can too make a come back; we are not sure though. Let’s wait for tomorrow’s episode to know more.

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