I was shocked when a guy said he never wants to marry a beautiful girl

I was shocked when a guy said he never wants to marry a beautiful girl!

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We always want our beau to be the most beautiful and the prettiest one. Or let’s say for us she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Beauty is the first thing that catches our eye and goes straight to our heartbeat to pump it up even faster. It is the first thing for an observer to catch an attention before the word “magic” actually commence.

This brings me to remind a wonderful instance on an odd day, which urged me to question my definition of attraction.

One day, on a random winter weekday eve, I with one of my bestie went to a Barista outlet where were  just two of us in the shop with another pair of boys sipping their coffee’s and chatting .We took a table next to them and continued our G-talk. While talking to my friend, my attention was withdrawn by their topic of discussion and I started to pay attention to them. (Eavesdropping is my all time favourite bad habit, I know!) They were talking about beautiful girls (what else boys can talk about?) but rather talking, they, actually one of them was illustrating.

He was explaining the definition about ‘A Beautiful girl’ and he was expressing his desire to hook up with a young lady who is beautiful and according to him beautiful girl is somebody with the  milk colored white fair face, Blue colored eyes, sexy figure and cute faces. (I can tell you how he was looking like!) I got agitated by his answer, but just a moment later his friend, the guy sitting opposite to him said, He never wants to marry a girl who is beautiful! And I was shocked by his reply. And along with me his friend got stumped by his response with obvious reasons. Later he explained the intention of his words and when he actually expressed his mind, he created magic.

He said being blonde is not beautiful. Eyes with an attitude is more beautiful than a blue eye. Cute looks are nothing compared to a girl with an attractive personality. A girl with an honest laugh is more beautiful than a sweet smile. Beauty is simplicity. Beauty is an inner soul. Beauty is either being black or white and not gray at all. Beauty is girl’s silent wink, her naughtiness, her imperfection, her maturity, her madness, her intelligence, her never ending debates on extremely random topics and beauty is all about knowing that she is beautiful.  Again he said, I want to marry someone who is.. .And paused and laughed and just stopped. And he said to his friend that he won’t understand. (Of course!) And if those are the criteria then I would never want to marry someone who is beautiful!!!

But when he explained this to his friend, he stole my heart with his thoughts. And I think every guy should think like this.Because If you look the right way you can see the  whole world is beautiful.

Beauty is the promise of happiness! – Stendhal.

Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.