Sonali Raut gets evicted from Bigg Boss 8

Sonali Raut can be thrown out from Bigg Boss for slapping Ali Quli Mirza

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Admit it! The most uninteresting season of the most famous Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss; just got interesting. With luxury budget task of this week, the show finally picked up the TRP and will gain more TRP in upcoming days as more than half of the season is over. In the precap of tomorrow’s episode (27 November 2014); Bigg Boss showed Sonali slapping co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza. Now read on to know what we think will happen next.

Sonali and Ali have been fighting in the show since more than three weeks now. And apparently after the incident with Sonali, other house mates are taking Ali for granted since long time. And in tomorrow’s precap, they again showed all house-mates ganging up against Ali. We don’t really know what could have possibly happened; but after the incident, Sonali was shown slapping Ali in Bigg Boss’s house.

Violence on co-contestant in Bigg Boss’s house is breaking of one of the most important rule of the show. In past seasons, Kamal R Khan and Imam Siddiqui were removed from the show for violating rules of the show and in current season Puneet Issar was removed from the show for using violence against co-contestant Arya Babbar. Although all these contestants made a comeback after getting removed from the show.

Now, coming back to Sonali. Sonali was clearly seen slapping Ali. She has broke most important rule of the show. And that is not all. She has broke all records of the show. No one in past have directly hit co-contestant. So her eviction from the show is so obvious now. But will she make a comeback like other removed contestants of the show? Chances are very low as Sonali was evicted from the show in very first week and had made a comeback as a wild card. So if she is removed from Bigg Boss for slapping Ali Quli Mirza, she won’t make a comeback according to me.

Sonali Raut can be thrown out from Bigg Boss for slapping Ali
Sonali making a comeback after getting evicted in first week

How is Sonali’s journey so far in the house?

Well, we all know she isn’t entertaining in the show right now. She was in limelight before few weeks for her chemistry between Upen and Gautam. She is getting nominated for eviction every week. But she is surviving all nominations in spite of the fact that she is not entertaining. I personally feel she has some strong connection with makers as she made a comeback in first week and is being saved from all evictions.

But well, now after what she has done, the makers too won’t be able to save her. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to Sonali. Unless the makers introduce some twist! Let’s wait for tomorrow to know what happens. Follow BuddyBits on Facebook, Twitter,Google+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

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