Surat to celebrate Organ Donors Day on 30th November

Narmada Kidney Foundation Organ Donors Day Surat

Surat: In Hindi there goes a saying, ‘Ang Daan Maha Daan!” (Organ donation is the biggest donation). It holds true since organ donation saves lives. There are many medical, government & non-government organizations which have come forward to help people as organ transplant is a complex and expensive process.

Nowadays Kidney disease is comparatively more common because of prevailing diseases like diabetes etc.  Narmada Kidney Foundation is a Mumbai based organization. It is one of the NGO’s that aim to create awareness & help people suffering with kidney disease. Narmada Kidney Foundation was founded in the year 1993 and the foundation believes on the principle, “life shared life lived”.

 Their Mission is to:

  • Help people take care of their kidneys and prevent kidney diseases.
  • Help patients in disease detection.
  • Help patients and their families understand kidney diseases and options for treatment.
  • Provide a support group for kidney patients and to help them cope with the disease.
  • Promote cadaver organ Donation.
  • Promote Organ transplantation.
  • Create awareness.

On November 30, 2014 Narmada Kidney Foundation is celebrating as “Organ Donors Day” to create awareness amongst people. A drawing competition is to be held on the same day for all the students of Surat  at Art gallery, Science centre, City light, Surat.

They have taken a good initiative, participate & share with as many people and help being a part for a good cause.

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Surat to celebrate Organ Donors Day on 30th November

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