Why would I never want to go to Big Boss house?

You might love it or hate it but admit it; you can’t ignore Bigg Boss, the most controversial reality show on Indian television.  So like many I keep an eager eye too on the show and took notice of the contestants, evictions, the ‘fair-unfair drama’, the cat-fights and heated arguments too. So yesterday discussing about the show with a buddy we suddenly realized that there is actually nothing too beneficial about being a contestant of this show except the big prize money to the winner. Celebrities enter the BB house to uplift their image but instead end up damaging their previously set reputation. So listed below are the reasons I would never want to go to BigBoss despite of the huge rewards and all that glamour oozing out, being an enormous attraction:

Insults by anybody & everybody

Either it’s the host himself or the co-contestants, they can insult you for smallest of mistakes, for raising your voice or even for keeping quiet. It’s not just restricted to the Bigg Boss team, even guest celebrities can politely knock you down with their comments.

Bigg Boss Shargun

Dirty fights

It’s hard to be with total strangers with varied views in a close area with total cut-off from family, friends and rest world. So fights and arguments are inevitable because of difference in views and frustrations. And after all it’s a game of TRP, so the fights are not mere heated arguments but they turn into dirty mean fights.

Bigg Boss 8 Fights

Everyone points a finger

You suddenly become vulnerable. Everyone around you suddenly starts preaching you morals & ethics. It just gives right to people to point a finger at you for doing anything good or bad. Celebrity guests, lucky callers, everyone just barge in and verbally stab you, gives you ‘gyaan’ and walk over!

Gautam Gulati in Bigg Boss 8

Being made fun of on social network

Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, everywhere jokes, memes, funny pictures, messages keep pouring in about contestants of the show. Well nothing to be offended about because it is meant for entertainment, isn’t it?

Karishma Tanna in Bigg Boss 8

Short lived fame

Do you even remember the names of contestants from last season or last to last season? Let alone contestants people don’t even remember winners for long. And for mere short-lived fame one cannot afford to lose their self-respect and goodwill formed with years of hard-work.

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants

It is not easy to live under scrutiny of cameras 24/7 that too without cell phones, connectivity with loved ones, for 90 days. I guess all these efforts are not worth compromising your self-esteem except if all what matters to you is money & attention!

And lastly I will never go because I will never be called. 😉 😛

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