Will Ali Quli Mirza quit Bigg Boss?

Will Ali Quli Mirza quit Bigg Boss, Sonali Slapped Ali

Eight season of the most popular Indian TV reality show is now picking up. In precap of today’s (27th November 2014) episode, Sonali Raut was shown slapping co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza. And to that, Ali was shown trying to escape from the house by climbing wall of the house. Will Ali Quli Mirza quit the show? Read on to know what can happen next.

Violence in Bigg Boss’s house is breaking the most important rule of the show. Many contestants have been shown the door for violating rules in past. Ali and Sonali are having so much problems lately in the house. And after the incident with Sonali, all co-contestants in the house are taking Ali for granted. We don’t really know what could have happened in the house which forced Sonali to slap Ali. But all contestants were seen ganging up on Ali for some reason and after that Sonali was shown slapping him in the bedroom area. To this Ali threatens to leave the show as violence is against the rules of the show.

Ali was shown packing his bags and trying to escape from the house. He was seen climbing the wall of Bigg Boss’s house as we have seen in the past. Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chowdhary, Ashutosh and Kushal Tandon have tried escaping from the house in past seasons of the show.

Will Ali quit Bigg Boss?

No Ali won’t quit the show. As quitting from the show voluntarily is breaking of the contract each contestant signs before coming to the show. Contestants who decides to leave the show voluntarily has to pay penalty. Penalty of whopping 50 lakhs rupees. So if a contestant want to quit the show, he has to pay 50 lakh rupees as a penalty! And we know Ali isn’t gonna pay that amount.

Also in past, all those who have escaped from the show have made a return. So according to me Ali isn’t gonna leave the house. And even if he will, he will return to the show as no one has broke the contract so far in the show.

Will Ali get justice?

First of all, we don’t really know if Ali was at fault or not. So we can’t really answer this question. But if Sonali slapped for real, she will be thrown out of the show for sure even if Ali was not at fault.

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Watch Sneak Peek of 27th November’s episode

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