10 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 8 is a Scripted Reality Show

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10 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 8 is a Scripted Reality Show

Bigg Boss viewers always wonder if the show is scripted or not. We also asked some ex-contestants the same. To which all agreed that the show is not scripted at all. But the conditions in which they all are put surely make the show scripted. For example, they will put contestants who don’t like each other in opposite teams in tasks. So that they can fight more. Now coming back to the title, we think the show is absolutely scripted. I will make completely logical reasoning of my statement. Go ahead and read why Bigg Boss 8 is a scripted reality show and Salman Khan is biased towards some contestants.

1. They love They love Gauti!

Eight season of Bigg Boss is the most biased season of the show ever! The show is blindly favouring Gautam Gulati. Taking from tasks to praising of host Salman Khan. In starting of the show, every contestant was treated equally. After Karishma and Gautam’s fight, we saw Gautam Gulati for 25 minutes and other contestants for rest of 25 minutes in each episode for many weeks.

Even the host Salman Khan made Gautam Gulati hero of the show. Salman was seen praising him and P3G many weeks in spite of the fact that they were bitching against co-contestants most of the time.

And Bigg Boss Khabri (official blogger of the show) is openly favouring Gautam Gulati in her blogs. And even on Bigg Boss’s official website, you will see Gautam Gulati everywhere.

Snapshot from official website of Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 Biased TV Reality Show Snapshot from Gallery
Bigg Boss 8 Website Snapshot

2. Karishma’s Make-up

Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna who are biggest enemies of each others were called for a task. And all housemates were shown the live telecast. The result to this task was going to be so obvious! One of these was going to become a villain and they succeeded! Karishma Tanna became villain because she asked for her make-up. Yes she was selfish, but Bigg Boss took it to another level. In the App task, Bigg Boss tricked her to choose her make-up. But house mates again made her look the villain. And they blamed Karishma for loosing luxury budget task. When in real, Renee who didn’t charge battery was the reason behind it.

Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna in a task
Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna in a task

3. Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe!

Sonali Raut who was evicted from the show in very first week due to least public votes made a comeback in just three days. Then Puneet Issar, who was thrown out from the show for violence against co-contestant (Arya Babbar) re-entered in the show in just a day of getting evicted. Why? Because he was giving content to the show. He is one of the most negative contestants of the show after all.

Bal Ka Prayog!

Puneet Issar attacked on Arya Babbar in Bigg Boss during task
Puneet Issar attacking on Arya Babbar in Bigg Boss

When violence on a co-contestant is against the rules of the show, why Sonali wasn’t removed from the show after slapping co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza? And even after making a come back, Puneet Issar used Bal Ka Prayog (force) against Karishma Tanna. Puneet got violent on Gautam Gulati, Arya Babbar, Praneet Bhatt and Karishma Tanna. But he is still there in the show. Why?

4. Do they even count votes?

Have you seen single contestant who is aggressive and keep fighting leaving Bigg Boss 8 till now? All peacemakers, calm and composed ones and positive contestants are out of the show. Minissha Lamba, Arya Babbar, Sushant Divgikar, Nigaar Khan, Sukirti Kandpal and many more are out of the show because they were not creating issues out of everything. And Puneet Issar, Gautam Gulati, Dimpy and Karishma Tanna are still in there. Because they are aggressive ones and are always in limelight for one of the other issue. Are Indians fool that they will vote for negative contestants? No. It’s all about TRP. I highly doubt if they are even considering public votes! And besides I am following the show from last six seasons, I have never voted nor do I know a single person who has voted for a reality show.

Praneet Bhatt, who was recently evicted from the house was believed to be the potential finalists on the season. But due to less drama inside the house, he had to say goodbye. Every guest celebrity entering in the house knew Diandra Soares. She is a very well known personality in the industry. She was even giving content to the show (Remember Gautam- Diandra’s make out in bathroom?) but she got evicted. Why? Because she was harming image of Gautam Gulati (hero of BB8) in the show. So she had to say bye bye to the show. Can you believe Dimpy Mahajan (known for marrying a guy who got known because of his father) got more votes than Diandra Soares?

5. The Nutella Topic

Gautam Gulati took Nutella from luxury budget of housemates and said that it was gifted by someone when they were sent to a mall for luxury budget shopping. He actually stole the Nutella and then lied about it to contestants. Praneet Bhatt, Pritam Singh and Upen Patel raised this topic in bedroom. And Karishma Tanna adder her point. And when Salman Khan asked Karishma about her being selfish, she said everyone is selfish giving example of Gautam stealing Nutella. But then all housemates and the show makers took it in the different direction. They showed it like Karishma was the only one to raise the Nutella topic.

10 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 8 is a Scripted Reality Show
Gautam Gulati during a task on Bigg Boss

Gautam on a day before stealing Nutella, had stolen two packets of Milk. Why Salman Khan didn’t raise that topic?

6. Snapdeal callers & the IQ Test

Have you ever seen a Snapdeal caller calling Gautam, Puneet or Dimpy? They three have made many mistakes on the show. But no Snapdeal caller is seen bashing any of them as they bash other contestants. When Praneet and Pritam were in P3G, even they were safe from these calls. The day they got out of P3G, both got calls.

The IQ test

Salman Khan asked most of the questions to Karishma Tanna, Sonali Raut and Upen Patel in IQ test. Karishma Tanna was targeted in the quiz. If the show is unbiased, Salman should have asked equal number of questions to every contestant. Karishma’s memes are now being exchanged on Whatsapp; thanks to Salman Khan.

7. Gautam City

Everything else is understood but what do you think about the task “Gautam City”? Gautam, who has fought with each and every contestant on the show was made dictator of the house and everyone was made to follow him. A task dedicated to a contestant. How fair is it?

And Gautam is constantly being warned about his image. First his mother came during a task, then his friends Rahul Mahajan and Sambhavna Seth entered in the house and gave him some tips, then his brother came and badmouthed Karishma & Upen. Tourists came during task, Snapdeal caller and recent wild-card Ajaz Khan also warned him about his image outside. That’s not all. Rahul Mahajan and Sambhavna Seth (two good friends of Gautam) are again entering in the show as wild-card for extended month of the show. Two out of five wild-cards are Gautam’s friends. Wow!

This is all digestible, but what do you think about Diandra bashing Karishma & Upen and praising Gautam? Diandra Soares who got evicted from the show few weeks back was sent again in the house during a task. Diandra was seen with Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel in entire season. Karishma and Upen were like her best friends on the show. And she had criticized Gautam during her eviction for not accepting relationship with her on TV. But when she entered in the show during freeze task, she spoke ill about her best friends and praised Gautam! How are we supposed to believe that that wasn’t scripted? Remember date setup in garden area (roses and coffee) during her visit? How would Bigg Boss know if she was gonna take Gautam outside to have a discussion? That only proves that everything Diandra said during that visit was scripted!

8. Hero & villain

Bigg Boss is known to have a villain in the show each season. This time contestants are positive comparing to previous seasons, so they are creating villains in the house.

As I said earlier, Gautam Gulati is made hero of the show. Whatever he does, he gets praised at last. Gautam stole food. He bitched about each contestant on the show. He has fought with each contestant of the show. He ditched girls on national television. He flirted with Diandra at the beginning, then fought with her. Then started flirting Sonali, and fought with her. Again started flirting with Diandra. Got a kiss from her in the bathroom and when he thought he has got enough footage, he again ditched Diandra. But anyway, he is hero of the show. At least for the show makers.

Another Snapshot from official website of Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 Scripted Salman Khan Partial
Snapshot from official website of Bigg Boss

Karishma Tanna is being shown as the villain. Be it the make-up issue or the Nutella issue or the App task. In the App task, Bigg Boss tricked her into choosing her make up. And house mates thought she is the villain. Even Salman Khan, the host is bashing her every weekend unnecessarily.

In captaincy of Karishma, Bigg Boss showed footage of housemates breaking rules in the house (sleeping in a daytime, speaking in English, etc) and nominated all for eviction. And with that he also said that if we collect such footage from entire season, it will take another season to watch all of them. Which clearly meant, house mates have been breaking rules from day one. But again Karishma Tanna got trapped. Karishma was seen giving her best, but Salman Khan again questioned Karishma’s ability as a captain! He said Karishma is responsible for nomination of all contestants. If housemates wouldn’t have broken rules, they were not have nominated. How come Karishma is responsible for that Mr Khan?

A recent tweet from Dale Bhagwagar (Sonali Raut’s PR)

Dale has handled PR of many contestants of Bigg Boss including Sonali Raut, Aarya Babbar and Rahul Mahajan of season eight.

9. P3G ka The End!

And even for breaking of P3G group, only Bigg Boss is responsible. In captaincy of Pritam, they called Pritam in the confession room and asked him to nominate five contestants for the eviction. They weren’t even going to evict someone in that week but they showed Pritam’s conversation with Bigg Boss live to rest housemates. Which was obviously going to led to the end of P3G.

10. The Biased Host

Salman Khan is undoubtedly biased towards some set of contestants. Salman bashes Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel unnecessarily every week. Gautam Gulati fought hundreds of time in the show and Puneet Issar got violent multiple time on the show. But all Salman Khan talks about is Karishma’s make up. When Gautam ditched Diandra on television, Karishma’s favoritism for her friends was bigger issue for Mr Khan. Salman is constantly seen praising Gautam and Ali on the show.

There are many such reasons, but I listed 10 reasons which clearly states that Bigg Boss is scripted show and the host Salman Khan is biased towards some contestants in the show. If you know more reasons, you can add them in comments.

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  1. Nishit Jariwala, I respect all the article you post. Also respect the fact that you put your neck out and predict which contestant will get nominated each week and get it write almost always. But, it feels like you’r whole article has a “dimwit” bias.

  2. I agree with all but one fact. I believe audience votes aren’t even counted. I have seen big boss evictions when lines open on Thursday night and eviction is telecasted on Saturday. The saturday’s episode will be shot during Friday afternoon which means they are making a fool out of entire public by claiming that they even count the vote. Its all about content and not audience at all. Frankly, I don’t know any friend of mine who knows someone that has ever voted for any reality show.

    1. Yes Rahul, even I feel the same. But I would like to add something here. Saturday’s eviction is being shoot on Saturday noon and it’s telecasted in the evening. But I surely doubt if they are even considering votes. As all positive and calm contestants (Minissha Lamba, Sukirti Kandpal, Arya Babbar, Sushant Divgikar, Deepshikha, etc) are out. And those who are quarrelling on small issues are still inside the house. That explains a lot. 😉

  3. How can Salman protect Puneet, its unbelievable, and the dumbest of all person seems to be getting the most footage “The Gautam Gulati” … oh my god, how dumb can a person be, he is dumber than the dumbest, must listen to his conversations, his IQ seems to be below the floor at times. Unbelievable, whatever the case may be, even if Gautam wins this show, Karishma, Upen and Pritam will be the one’s getting most benefit of this show. (Gut feeling)

    If Gautam in reality is the same as being depicted on the show, he is very annoying and not many would like to have him as a friend for sure.

    1. Exactly! I agree and I would like to quote Praneet’s statement from the show. “Yaha waha sabki ungli karta hai Gautam. Logoko ye dekhna pasand hai isliye votes karte hai use.” But I even doubt that. How can people vote for such annoying person?

  4. great show..i get kind of angry at times but then realize that there is nothing better all the people involved with the show i.e producers, host and contestants can do.This is what they do for a living.They have a choice(given their IQ) to work at any call center, sell insurance policies or work and study hard to get a respectable job.

  5. totally agreed..on the contrary i find karishma tanna more smart than others, bt to understand that one need to be bit honest which everybody cant

  6. completely agreed the fact …..ther are partial even salman is partial ..he host the show only to insult karishma…and praise p3g….he never says anything to punneet and gautam..i think even the winner must be decide by them ….winner is gautamm…….i dont think our votes are counted….everything is sripted

  7. bakwas blog. the writer himself is a selfish tanna fan.
    dont u see gautam is the most entertaining person in the house, even he was targeted by all, he will win

    1. arey come on yar…u have to agree (no one will agree the truth) what is clearly showing is written… are u watching live feed means you can get what is going on… for 1hr show its only focusing on the one who needed for them… who ever wins its completely in hand of BB production not in hands of audience got it….

      Blogger completely explained what is going on… please read it carefully and then comment about the blogger …. use brain not like upen or gauti inhouse….

  8. All shows have scripts , Here what you are trying to say that Gautham is a bad person. But did you check facts . Gautham was least aggressive in the show but still he is entertaining. How many times Karishma, Parneet and Upen shouted against him and how many times HMs bitched him. Because of these he is getting more footage. Parneet is saying Gautham is negative all the time in his conversation. But in reality parneet is shouting for everything and to everybody. Pritham was bitching him most times but he never talk anything about Pritham. Did Karishma talk politely to anyone in the house other than Upen. Still Gautham has the bad image just shouting against Karisha for gettina a chilly facial. Karishma made Gautham a hero not the Bigg boss team. those who supported Karishma for the eviction of Gautham made him Hero , not Bigg boss team. On a time of difficulty Gautham showed is mental power , that made him Hero , not Bigg boss team. Mr. Blogger Bigg Boss team write the script to run the program. The task is mainly for that. But they will not make a winner or villain. it is the outcome of characters. and if you watch the previous episodes , not only Sonali but other players who evicted first week also made a re entry in to the house. and those who evicted for violence also re entered. It is clear that the eviction is entirely based on people votes. if you check the other social media you can see the response of viewers.

    1. Agreed! N ya…how can all the contestant act all the time if the show is scripted???? No, script papers n all…do they remember all the dialogs for throughout the season?There is live feed,these people n the writer should see that.There other profession celebrities alo who come in bigg boss..how will they act so perfectly?Just actors dont come hare…other profession persons also come here.

  9. In Wednesday-17th Dec episode in one part you can see Dimpy passing a piece of paper to Upen immediately after they fight. This is scripted for sure and all have been given roles to play!

  10. I dont know whether it is scripted or not. All I know is that it has become horrible. And Salman Khan’s exit proves it. The TRPs are low. There is a repetition of tasks. Redundancy! Praneet’s exit didn’t seem right either. The world was expecting Upen to leave (because of his antics!) but he, sadly, is here to stay.

    I don’t think Karishma is stupid. I don’t think Gautam is a hero. I don’t find Pritam funny and I definitely think that Sonali is boring and spoilt. The projection of all the individuals is just not right.

    Gautam Gulati is 30 years old but he is supposedly the youngest of them all (hello! Sonali is just 24!). Why? Would that get him more audience? Ali Quli Mirza is shown urinating publicly, is that sane? For TRPs? The Gautam-Diandra issue is blown out of proportion! Why? And Dimpy? Who is she?!

    And man, Karishma Tanna has been given way more importance than anything. I mean why are Puneet’s misdoings not talked about during WKW?

    I think it is not scripted. The makers of the show are just desperate. They are baffling the audiences! By confusing them….

    1. As you pointed out that the contestants are being projected different than what they actually are, this is exactly what I meant while using the word scripted; We only see the projected image of contestants. Karishma clearly got nervous and obviously was made to look like a fool (Damsel in distress) None of the contestants seems to have above the national avg. IQ except I believe Pritam and Puneet barring their anger issues they use their respective thought process.

      I find Gautam to be the dumbest of all with the way he talks about things; needs to grow up. Now even Upen seems to have lost it.

      If Gautam wins; the show has to be scripted for sure he was projected as Hero, protected by BB8 and he now becomes the winner

    2. Absolutely agree! This is what I am trying to say. They are not showing what contestants really are. They are fooling us by the image they have created for each contestant on the show. For instance, if you will check live-feed, you will find Dimpy and Karishma sharing their light moments with each others, you will see Karishma and Puneet hugging each other, Gautam crying 24×7, and what not. But on TV you only see those clips which are relevant to images of contestants the show has made. This is what I am trying to say here.

  11. I think You’re being biased here….Just go on Bigg Boss website and see Gautam has got massive fan following and all can’t be his PR and he’s the most positive contestant whether you accept or not….another thing about Gautam-Diandra issue is that it was Diandra who kissed Gautam publically and took him to the bathroom but all are blaming Gautam for that….The guy was cornered from the very start and still entertains….and by the way Salman is favouring Ali not Gautam…..I think you are not representing audience point of view….If you want to see what audience think about Gautam just go n check BB website and see how much he’s loved by all….I’m not saying Gautam had never made any mistakes but he’s the best guy from all the contestants and he never fought with anyone unnecessarily…..And about BB favouring Gautam…You need to check last episode in which a psychiatrist was being called in the show and he talked about everybody’s personality and said Gautam is the most down to earth guy and he’s misunderstood and only that part is edited by BB team….other contestants’ part were shown…Just go and get your reality check on BB website before writing anything against Gautam…..

    1. Can u plz tell me is the episode telecast on the same when it is happening in the house….plz do reply.

    2. public believes whatever media wants them to see and believe,here they are hell bent on showing so called Gautam as hero. our public are such, jisko footage ziada milta hai they start worshiping that dud!!!

    3. I must add that gautam is friends with arpitakhan’s husband that is ayush sharma. So he has connections with salman. Gautam was the one who back stabbed pritam and praneet in the group. In captaincy task and 25 lakh task. Unable to compete against pritam he showed that he left money for friendship but th truth was he was unable to compete more. When he’s bro came in and warned against diandra he quickly ditched her. He is not a kid to carry her all the time on his lap. He tried to talk and laugh and copy like salman to please him. He is wannabe. Growing popularity led gautams pr agency to leak b grade film information about his wife. This is the reason pritam got upset when gautam asked bhabi ji ka naam kya h. Before marraige pritam singh wife go by arpita singh name and did some b grade movies. She later changed her name to amanjot. Gautam and team tried everything to defame others. When upen git agitated gautam ki fat gai thee and salman bashed him. Had salman not seen gautam doing thiss whole seSon. Bb8 was huge disappointment

  12. nishit jariwala GAUTAM GULATI rules and karishma and upen deserve to get bashed for bieng bitches gautam or puneet bettr win the whole of india are gautams fans just cause u are’nt does’nt mean u support the wrong Salman is awesome and he better blast karishma and upen this week too we like to watch him rag them

  13. I don’t understand one thing, you have given 10 reasons citing that the show is scripted ,biased and what not..why are you watching it in the 1st place if you have so many problems ..would you really be watching this show if there were no “Content”.?it is obvious that the show has to create content and that is done by giving situations..people watch this show for entertainment and only entertainment..And even Salman Khan is leaving..now you can be happy as your biased host is leaving..lol..

    1. You commented this which suggests that you’ve not read entire article properly. We don’t have problem with show being scripted. We have problem because they are portraying some contestants as heroes and some as villains intentionally! If hero-villain comes out from the process, it’s acceptable. But unconditional support for one contestant and unnecessary bashing of other is not acceptable.

      People are spending money after voting for their favourite contestants, but they aren’t even counting votes. How would you feel if you voted for someone, but he/ she is out because he/ she isn’t giving content?

      And as a media company we would obviously raise our voice against what is wrong!

      1. I am not a media house neither am I any big shot but still i also know that the votes are not counted and only those persons stay who give content and entertain people..So telling that votes are not counted and we have voted for X,Y,Z is kind of naive..and it is justified as well..they are running a show and not a government scheme “Rajiv Gandhi mein bhi big boss ka contestant yojana”..it works both ways..people also want entertainment and not dull people who do nothing..And regarding your second argument of portraying some as heroes and some villains is again a very subjective thing..everyone has soft corner for some people..in your case it seems to be karishma and Upen..I have nothing against them..but again it comes back to entertainment..i feel i get more entertainment from the other guys rather than Upen or Karishma..So its kind of demand and supply..

        And regarding your 3rd point of you being a media house and raising your voice against anything wrong, I think there are many other serious issues that our society faces today that you can on rather than harping on some reality tv show made for entertainment..

        PS:-I have nothing against you or your media house but your views are biased as well..

      2. Thats why u wrote this…u r media…always upto some mischief…lol INdian Media..u never potray good things but always ready to pick up negative things and wanna prove good things also bad.Whole nation loves gautam and salman is not biased.Thats ur point of view just.Media should potray what people think not what the media person thinks.And what u think is just shit.

      3. U media people dont have give points on reality shows..let the audience see it and enjoy it.U better concentrate on the issues of the country.

  14. The writer of this article is so immature.U r just telling about your opinion,the title is saying “scripted”,but u r just talking about the show and Salman being biased and unfair for some contestants.And for the voting,people in my school do vote for the contestants.I find Gautam very annoying,but my classmates are voting for him multiple times.A friend of mine voted for Imam 7 times in the 6th season.They say they just want to vote for the contestants,who will fight and create drama.So obviously people like Gautam and Puneet will get saved because the people who want fights in the show vote for them.On the other hand people like you,should not talk about calm contestants getting evicted,They got evicted because u did not vote for them.And they show,people who do bitching and fighting more than the other contestants because we dont want to see the show just to see people making food,cleaning bathrooms and sleeping.Contestants who will give controversial content will obviously be shown more than those who are just sitting their doing nothing.Their are 2 kinds of viewers,one want the positive and calm contestants to stay,two who want to see fights and drama.The first kind does not vote and the 2nd kind does.
    I just came here because of the title saying the show is “scripted”.I thought u will tell us about dialogues,lines and stories being given to the contestants,But u r just telling about what u dont like about the show.Plz change the title,its misleading and wasted my time.

    1. Agreed! From the very first it is said that Bigg Boss is a controversial show.So the people who will make controversies will be in the lead,for sure.The writer is surely a Tanna fan and Gautam and Salman Khan hater!

  15. This article clearly shows jealousy towards Gautam Gulati… One thing I have to mentioned that Gautam is the most lovable bigg boss contestant in our country… And if you are not blind then majority of indians are supporting Gautam as well!!!

  16. I am soo glad finally someone had the guts to post this. Throughout this season this is exactly what I have felt! Not once does Salma Khan say anything to Gautam, Ali or Puneet Issar. These people are completely mad. They keep bitching about others, Puneet Issar is completely violent but not once has anything bad happened to him. When he was evicted and he came back Arya questioned it but no one gave him any credit. I hate Bigg Boss this time and it might probably be the last time I am watching it. I really request you to pass on this article to the Bigg Boss makers and tell them we are not fools to just follow what is going on blindly. Gautam, Puneet are the worst contestants I have ever seen.

  17. I would just say yes SALMAN is undoubtedly biased towards some set of contestants. I do not know why only he bashes Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel on the contarary some times he insulted both them I think he should host the show being the host not being a Super Star He shows his stardom and attitude to some of the contestants which is wrong.

  18. this blogger is biased to karishma and upen!! so he thinks salman is biased to gautam! ppl its an entertainment show! so take it as an entertainment

  19. This is very illogical reasoning…I have not missed even a single Big Boss episode and if you are a fab then you must know that people make opinions on what they see…Nobody can make Karishma a Villain or Gautam a hero..Its their own deeds..Karishma has chosen make up over her friend Sushant…
    This diagnosis is superficial and half baked…

  20. I have been salman khan fan since ages, I have always loved whatever he did man!! but he has been unjust in this season. Period.I just cant believe my hero is getting older I guess, he cant see black from white!!!

  21. Stupid article all bullshit. I guess the writer is biased towards all the losers of the house. Big boss is an entertainment show and I think the writer needs to understand that we are not watching this show to see all the peace makers but seeing it to get entertained. Well I don’t think u haven’t seen a single episode properly till date. I request u to see the episodes before writing such stupid article. Well to clear ur fact Gautam and Karishma are the most strong contestants they haven’t changed from the 1st episode till date and people thats y love them.

  22. Yes votes aren’t counted.. And some other points are even correct.. But the blogger seems to be a huge fan of Karishma.. And an anti-gulati person..

  23. Dude in your above reasons most of them were about gaitam p3g and karishma….u know y..?? Bcs it makes ur conter more attractive to read…this same strategy is used by big boss team…the emphasis on particular events to gain TRP…thats all…bye good nyt

  24. Writer of this article is the most annoying fag ever who’s in love with Karishma Tanna’s figure (and of course her self centered and bitchy nature) and thinks that if he writes this type of shit then maybe one day KT will come calling for his di*k.
    You are so f*cking immature you di*khead. I’ve seen your account on twitter…it’s all about being KT’s loyal bitch. I bet you are one of her paid PR’s aren’t you??
    Talking about fan following?? GAUTAM GULATI is the star of this show…he’s so popular on each and every social media website.
    How about you close this website and go f*ck yourself you filthy piece of shit cause tbh no is interested in reading ‘YOUR OPINION’.

    Pata nahi kaha kahan se aa jate h muh uthakar.
    And to those who don’t know about this asswipe…here is the link to his twitter account:- https://twitter.com/nishitjariwala

    This fag hates GG so much that his twitter is full of shit against GG.

  25. There is no doubt in this that bb8 is not a reality show .whatever is wrote upsideits all ok but not full and correct.

  26. The most important thing is that salman sir.he cant does like this.and whatever upside wrote about gautam sir so that IS the most wrong thing .salman sir always scold gautam sir when he was wrong.gautam sir is one of the main player in bb8 who plays very real game.and he have the most fanfollowing….etc

  27. Nishit Jariwala

  28. you’re fucking mad bro. salman always did fair and even farah is doing the same. salman scolded gautam for diandra case and also puneet when he talked in a bad manner with praneet. i think you should watch all the episodes again or just shut the fuck up .

  29. Not only bigg boss, but almost every reality show is either partially or wholly scripted (depends upon the content of the show). If it is a singling or dancing contest like dance india dance or zee’s popular sa re ga ma, then all the emotional dramas are scripted with some heart melting background soundtrack or a song. Reality shows are bigg boss or khatro ke khiladi, were less known/successful actors/actress & models are selected for mere entertainment and nothing else. They get paid as per their contract. Even the votings doen’t count and someone who is less entertaining is being ousted by the makers and sometimes reentered just to shock the audience. For big boss, even the host salman khan is a part of the show and plays a role. His fights with the contestants and just to pleased the audience.

    If bigg boss is really not scripted then why do we’re not allowed to select view from the 82 cameras installed in the house. If you have ever visited their live website feed, you’ll see what they want you to see. You don’t have control with the camera view. Why? If it is so real then why do the makes are so afraid of allowing multiple views for the viewers? I’m an engineer in Computers and knows that it’s possible if there’s an honest intention. Even sometimes if you’ve observed that the sound goes mute and you couldn’t listen to anything for a while. If there’s some celebrity visiting the house, why we’re not shown their entrance on live feed? It’s very obvious that such shows are mere for entertainment and nothing comes close to reality. Acting is not a respected profession and only those who can take humiliation can survive in this industry. What do you do in acting? Read a script, deliver a dialogue, have fun during shoots, sit in an AC room and have make-ups and get paid for that. I’m not the one who’s saying this, in fact many legendary actors / actress have made fun of their own profession.

    The concept of (fake) reality show was carried from the west. Shows like roadies are also somehow scripted and contestants are already selected and what you see on tv is a little drama added to it.

    Anyways, I watch these shows for mere entertainment but never waste my hard earned money by voting for actor / actress who are already paid by the makers of the show. But you can do “WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO”…

  30. I think you’re biased here you remember that episode when gautam and karisma in confessions room that made gautam as hero of this season.
    The fight of gautam is also entertaining.how could you said salman khan is biased I think gautam never met salman before the show and he always make fun of punnet.at last gautam also take a call from snapdeal in first week of halla bol a ghanta is gifted.
    So jo man main aaya likh diye you must check follwer over 60000
    So don’t call salman and gautam fake

  31. i dont agree with all the nonsense you said i disagree to all of them.gautam gulati was the most deserving to win the show..

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