2 States, a clichéd title and not a clichéd story

Your teenage years are to fall in love and get your heart broken

But when you are in your twenties the shit gets serious

This is a story about a tall dark guy not to forget Gujarati

(Rolling my eyes)

Who fell head over heels idiot for this tall whitish self soaked Punjabi girl

This is my story

Like most of the romance sagas MEET and I also met at college

Oh wait! No we never met

We stared at each other, staked each other and literally gathered information about each other

(But we never ever what so ever looked at each other and smiled)

But the admiration was never one sided

(Dodged that one pheww!!)

And by gods will and Facebook’s grace MEET gathered all his inner strengths to message me

And the rest is history

But what’s more interesting is our present

Swearing! Yes a lot of swearing in our mother tongue


Petty fights which turn into national issues trying to prove Punjabis are better than Gujarati’s or vice versa

(Ps: parathas are way better than khaman dhoklas)

Different caste, different tastes, different choices

(Oh darling I hate shopping I swear)

But the potential problems are way more daunting than the present ones

Shaadi kaunse style me hogi

Shaadi k baad tum chicken khana chhod dogi naa?

No alcohol at our wedding we are Guajarati’s!!!

But above all it’s the mental compatibility and the seamless love for each other that keeps us going

So if you are a Punjabi girl and you see a hot gujju guy

Go grab him

The poor fellow might be stuck somewhere

This is my story

No wait

This is our story

The story of a tall whitish girl who fell in love with a tall dark guy! 🙂

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Niharika Suneja
A person who's parked diagonally in a parallel universe, part time music lover, drools over men with beard, a funjabi and yoga yoga Mujhse Nai hoga! Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world ? Please.

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2 States, a clichéd title and not a clichéd story

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