AIESEC Surat to organize Mega Drawing Competition- Balakalakaar

AIESEC Surat to organize Mega Drawing Competition- Balkalakaar

Surat: This Christmas, lets cause happiness, lets cause smiles. A mega drawing competition shall take place at Maheshwari Vidyapeeth, Surat amongst a large number of 3000 under-privileged children from government schools, NGOs and slums in and around the city. Balakalakaar 2014 is the third attempt at generating resources for the less-fortunate, yet future impact-makers. This time it’s bigger for a bigger opportunity for a brighter future.

Balakalakaar is an initiative taken up by AIESEC – World’s largest youth-run not-for-profit organization, present in more than 129 countries, focused on providing platform for youth leadership development providing youth with opportunity to be dutiful global citizens who can change the world by making an impact caused by getting experiences and skills.

This initiative is further delivered by it’s Surat chapter- AIESEC in Surat. It is aligned in order to build an environment that helps improve the quality of life lived by the under-privileged children in our country. Its is an opportunity to help them discover and develop their potential in various art-forms. Also, it promises to be one of a kind and unique event which will be coordinated by our NGO volunteers, students, international interns and members of AIESEC in Surat on the 25th of December’14. The winners of the competition will get financial support in the form of scholarships to get trained and educated to further develop their skills .Also, this will help them build a sense of confidence and self-esteem to build a good life for themselves. You can contribute to the event too. You can donte, volunteer or be a smile agent (event-volunteer). Catch us on Facebook. Click Here or contact us for further information at: 9016386522 , 7405435579.

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