Every Single Time

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Every Single Time Destiny

No matter how many plans we make for our lives

No matter how strongly determined you are

Your destiny will bring you back

Where you are supposed to be

This is a story about a tall whitish girl

Getting hit by her destiny EVERY SINGLE TIME

And bringing her back to square one

This is my story

Carefree, careless and chilled out

These were my high school years

A science student..Free as a commerce student..And relaxed as an art student

Scoring a mere 65.4 percent in my board exam and completely clueless what further should I do

I blindly followed my bff enrolled myself in the field I had no idea about its existence

Filled every possible forms for the same

Luckily got the admission in a renowned college of Mumbai and a few local universities

Just when I thought my college life would be fun and exciting like those in Hindi cinemas

I got struck by my destiny

On the day of admission i was in the emergency room of a hospital seeing my dad having his third heart surgery

(i guess he couldn’t take the separation thing so well)

Boom!! Local universities here i come

a total misfit, a Punjabi stuck with hundreds of Gujarati, a convent girl in a public school crowd

Well!! That didn’t go well

(Kill me)

Tried every single effort to leave my college

Came up with new career options every single day


Fashion designing

Bought the forms filled them threw them away


Commerce seems a good field

Well late for the admissions


I wanna be a doctor

Being a PPP (pampered Punjabi puttar)

How could my parents ignore my wish?

My dad tried and pulled some strings and got me

For a donation seat

Donation fixed, token exchanged

I was this close to my dream

But destiny wanted me to be at a place I complete loathe and a course I dint understand

That very same year Indian government introduced national entrance test

My state examination result wasn’t valid

Back to square one

(Kill me again)

I dint lose hope

I was determined to crack the test just to realize I was one mark short to be

Eligible to appear for it

Dreams shattered

Efforts in vain

Token returned

To all those who are curious to know what am I doing now

Well! I am in the same university

Studying the same course

And still not

Loving it

Laugh on me hahaha!

Well life isn’t that bad, neither your destiny is unfair

We just choose to look at the dark side

So until you discover his plans

Smile at the confusion

This is my story

 A story of a tall whitish girl!

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Niharika Suneja
A person who's parked diagonally in a parallel universe, part time music lover, drools over men with beard, a funjabi and yoga yoga Mujhse Nai hoga! Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world ? Please.


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