Karishma Tanna can be sent to the secret room in Bigg Boss 8!

Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 6 7 December Eviction

This week, Bigg Boss has introduced a twist in the nominations. The show makers have announced voting lines for nominated contestants to be closed this week. We know what the twist is going to be, and we are pretty sure about it. This week, Bigg Boss asked captain Pritam to give five names for nominations. Pritam nominated Puneet, Dimpy, Ali, Diandra and Karishma with his special power. And Bigg Boss announced these five names along with Sonali (who is nominated for entire season for slapping Ali) for nominations for eviction this week.

They announced that voting lines are closed this week. They are introducing the biggest twist of this season this weekend. But as BuddyBits.com always does; we are revealing that big twist in this article.

We are pretty sure that there will not be any eviction this week and one out of these six nominated contestants will be sent to the secret room. Now who!? We think Karishma Tanna will be sent to the secret room. Want to know why? Here you go. From all nominated contestants, Puneet has already been in the secret room. So now Dimpy, Ali, Diandra, Sonali and Karishma are left for the race. Ali is fighting with each contestant anyway, and so as Dimpy. So here is no space for extra drama. Sonali and Diandra will be pretty cool after watching real faces of co-contestants being in the secret room. So here too is no space for drama. Only Karishma is a contestant who can create some drama after watching real faces of housemates. So she will definitely be sent to the secret room this weekend.

Karishma Tanna in Bigg Boss

If Karishma is sent to the secret room, she will change the game. I think if she is sent to the secret room; the house will be divided into two groups again. If Karishma is shown real face of everyone; it is pretty obvious that she can begin fight with Dimpy and Gautam. And if that happens, all housemates can gang up against Dimpy too. We don’t know what’s gonna happen. But the next week will be surely interesting to watch.

Update: Karishma, Diandra and Ali are safe!  (Updated on: 7 December 2014)

Karishma, Diandra and Ali are saved with votes of housemates till now. So Karishma, Diandra or Ali ain’t going to the secret room. Either Sonali Raut, Dimpy or Puneet Issar will be sent to the secret room tonight. According to us, Sonali will be next to be saved by housemates. So either Dimpy or Puneet will be sent to the secret room. Dimpy’s chances are higher.

We think Dimpy will be sent to the secret room this week. Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for exclusive updates from Bigg Boss and more. Follow BuddyBits on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

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  1. But sadly KT is the captain of the house… and sending her to secret room will create confusion over captaincy… My bet is on Di coz chances are there that Di out of picture GG may try to patch up with Sonali and that can change the game too… If you observe since GG and Di have come close many contestants like Ali, Upen and KT have become soft towards GG and in turn its reducing the popularity of GG… To make things like before it will be very useful for the show to divide GG and Di….

Karishma Tanna can be sent to the secret room in Bigg Boss 8!

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