Psstt..Chotu..ek cutting!

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Shortfilm on Child Labour Azadfilm Company

Child labour, what not has been said about this act of evil in our country? How those innocent lives at that very young age work hard to make their ends meet. This video perfectly shows how we have turned a blind eye towards those so many ‘chotus’ on the roadside, at tea stalls, at our homes and just pass them by minding our own business while ignoring the fact that they too have a childhood and they are still children!

Video Courtesy: Azadfilm Company

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Shalin Shah

A social worker by heart, an entrepreneur by mind. An infidel, though worships Sachin Tendulkar. A casual gamer, loves to eat but can't cook. An art lover, eat sleeps and breaths football. Wishes to have dinner with Sir Richard Branson once in his lifetime. A wallflower. Movie enthusiast too.


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