Sushant Divgikar Bigg Boss Interview

Sushant Divgikar reveals Bigg Boss 8 secrets and his life plans!

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Sushant Divgikar, who won Mr Gay India title earlier this year and recently got evicted from the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss after spending seven weeks inside the house of horror shares bits about his life with readers in an exclusive interview with BuddyBits. Was Bigg Boss or Salman Khan unfair or biased? Did Salman Khan offer him a movie? Whom Sushant want to see as the winner of Bigg Boss 8? Find out everything in this excerpt of our conversation with Sushant. Have a look.

Sushant Divgikar Bigg Boss Interview
Sushant Divgikar

We all know you. But still, who is Sushant Divgikar?

A positive guy, who loves to spread positivity around. I represent the LGBT community of India. Education wise, I have completed double Masters in psychology and now moving towards a PhD in the same field. I won the title of Mr. Gay India earlier this year and represented India at Mr. Gay World and won four titles; which is the maximum anyone has ever won! And along with the LGBT community, I work for Women Empowerment too.

Well, good to know about you. Tell us about Sushant on television.

I recently got out of the most popular Indian TV reality show, Bigg Boss as you already know. Before Bigg Boss I have done several theatre shows, TV shows like Big Switch; I have done many TV commercials and have given guest appearance in many shows.

Before coming to your Bigg Boss journey, we would love to know if you have worked in films yet.

I have worked in several short films. One of them is based on my life, and is yet to release. I won’t release much information about that film; but the film will soon be released worldwide.

I haven’t yet worked in a feature film yet. But I am not really interested in acting as much as I am interested in singing.

Oh! So tell us something about singer Sushant!

I am fond of singing. I love music. I have performed in several live shows. And you might have seen me singing in Bigg Boss too.

Also, Salman Khan, Rekhaji and Govinda praised my singing on Bigg Boss. And Salman Khan has also asked me to sing in one of his films. It will be an honor to sing for Salman Khan.

Certainly! Now let’s come to Bigg Boss. How was your journey?

I was aware of the fact that the show needs drama, fights and some action. When I got a call from the makers, I told them I can’t do all these things. I am a very fun loving person. I can’t fake for the show. They said you have to be what you are on the show. The show is made of all kinds of contestants. So I agreed and the journey started.

I was very scared when I joined the show. But I made many good friends in the house. Soni and Upen are two of my best friends from the show. Arya, Sukirti, Deepshikha and Diandra too are my good friends.

The show taught me a lot. I saw the ups and downs in the house. I am glad that I got out in the mid of the season. I am happy because I came out same as I had gone in the house. I could not have tolerated much in there.

Season 8 of the show witnessed division of contestants in two groups. Why that happened?

We were never actually a group. It’s just that certain people made a group and put their stand so strong about other contestants that rest of the contestants seemed to be another group. But there was only one group that is P3G. Puneet, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam.

Why no one from P3G is out yet? Why contestants other than P3G are out?

P3G had very strong opinion about all the rest of the contestants. They were so strong; they took each others side blindly instead of taking stand for the truth. And rest of the contestants took a stand for the truth and our bond with each other wasn’t that strong as that of P3G. So people other than P3G kept getting evicted.

But now, the scene is different. Praneet took stand of the truth and he along with Pritam are out of P3G. Praneet and Pritam both are now using their heads instead of blindly following Puneet ji. And I am glad.

Everyone in the house hated Gautam. Why?

Gautam is not actually a bad guy. It’s his behavior which is bad. He observed the game so good before coming to the show. He knows what the audience wants to see. He keeps talking to camera every now and then. And that’s what the audience loved.

P3G was champion in creating issues out of everything. They abused, fought for little things. They made a big deal out of everything. And we weren’t inside house for creating drama. We were same as we are outside.

Gautam created the issue, other contestants opposed it, and he cried in front of cameras and got sympathy from the audience. Instead of talking to cameras, if he had talked to other housemates no one would have hated him.

Which contestants should not be in the house?

Dimpy and Puneetji shouldn’t be in the house. Dimpy who came after six weeks in the house as a wild card is behaving like she is on the show from the beginning. She started many fights in the house and is still doing that. She is double dholki.

And Puneetji’s comeback was so unfair. He was thrown out after getting violent on Aarya Babbar. And made a comeback in the show very next day. We all along with Aarya were feeling cheated. Comeback of Puneet Issar demoralized Aarya and that’s what led to his eviction. So Puneetji also doesn’t deserve to be in the house.

Do you think Salman or the show was biased?

Not at all. Salman Khan always took a stand for the right. And about the show, yes, they showed P3G more in the show. Because they were bitching about co-contestants and that according to the format of the show is entertainment. That is what people like to see. We also enjoyed a lot in the show. But compared to P3G’s fights and bitching, our humor was less entertaining. So as P3G was shown all the time, the audience started loving them.

I won’t even blame the show or the channel. They show what is entertaining and what people wants to see. People love controversies and that’s what they are showing. So neither Salman nor the show was biased.

Salman Khan and Sushant Divgikar on the set of Bigg Boss
Salman Khan and Sushant Divgikar on the set of Bigg Boss

Would you like to share some lights on co-contestants?

Sure. Upen is a sweetheart. Karishma is a bit of a self conscious, but is a very good hearted lady. Praneet is taking a stand for the right things now so I like him now. Sonali is misunderstood. Dimpy is a manipulator. In the name of women empowerment she has made Sonali’s image very bad. Sonali is the youngest contestant of the house and Dimpy is 29. Being elder, she should have taught her something, instead of bitching about her. Ali is an entertainer. Gautam is doing everything for the game. He is not showing his real personality on the show. Puneetji is the most negative contestant. He is so sweet on your face and at the very second moment he will bitch about you in P3G. Diandra is a darling. Pritamji is kind of neutral contestant, I like him. He is one of the contestants I want to see as the winner.

And from ex-contestants, Aarya is a good friend. Soni is my best friend. Sukirti is a doll. And I still think Deepshikha’s eviction was very unfortunate and unpredictable. She was a very strong contestant. She is a very good person. But I guess the audience was confident about her stay in the house so didn’t vote for her. Minissha was a very good person too. She has the maximum number of fan-following and work to her credit among all other contestants. But she was very confused in the house. She was very image conscious in the show. Which is the reason why she got evicted.

Who are top five contestants according to you and who should win the show?

Upen, Praneet, Pritam and Karishma will surely make it to the finale. I am confused between Diandra, Sonali and Ali.

Upen, Praneet and Pritam are my favorites. I want Upen to win the show. He is a very good hearted person and a gentleman.

Whom you won’t meet after outside Bigg Boss’s house?

There is no one whom I won’t meet after the show. I would love to keep in touch with all of them. Of course differences were there. But we will resolve them. In fact I will organize a reunion of all contestants after the show and will try to resolve everything.

Sushant Divgikar's funky avatar in Bigg Boss
Sushant Divgikar’s funky side on Bigg Boss

What next now?

I want to make my career as a singer. And apart from that I will keep working for LGBT community and women’s rights. I am recently doing a family show. I won’t reveal much about it. The show will launch soon. So stay tuned till then.

What message would you like to give on behalf of the LGBT community of India?

We are born this way, it is not our fault. It is completely natural. Being homosexual isn’t a disease, but being homophobic is. People should change their mentality. They should accept others the way they are as far as they are not harming you.

What message would you like to give to our readers?

First of all, I would like to give a message to Bigg Boss viewers. I have seen some people abusing contestants on social media. I have seen such harsh and rude comments on social media about the contestants. If we are part of the show, that means we have done or achieved something in life. If you don’t like someone, ignore him/ her. Why bad mouth them? You don’t know what each and everyone has done in their lives to be in this position Stop the hatred.

And to BuddyBits readers, I would love to say each of us is a gift of god. We all are born with a talent. If I can do it, you can do it too. You too can become a role model of someone. Just be confident and keep working.

Rapid fire Round with Sushant Divgikar

  • Favorite Movie: Hum Aapke Hai Kaun
  • Favorite Actor: Salman Khan
  • Favorite Actress: Rekha, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan
  • Favorite Singer: Asha Bhosle, Usha Uthup, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Goshal

In an hour of our interaction I found Sushant’s craziest side which we never saw on Bigg Boss. Sushant in real life is so amazing. BuddyBits wishes Sushant all the best for all his future endeavours. Stay tuned to for exclusive bits from around the world.

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